NLB introduces 400 hp convertible water jet unit

NLB Corp. has introduced the NLB 325 Series convertible water jet units, which operate at up to 400 hp at any of six pressures up to 24,000 psi. The new models-the first NLB convertible quintuplex pumps-have many features and parts in common with the popular NLB 225 Series. This simplifies operation, maintenance and inventory for water jetters who use NLB 225 units.

Two diesel-powered models are available, each with a low-wear quintuplex pump and a convenient swing-out manifold that makes conversion easy. Model 405 (400 hp) can be converted to run at 8,000 psi, 10,000 psi, 12,000 psi, 15,000 psi, 20,000 psi and 24,000 psi. Flows from range 25 gpm to 74 gpm. Model 365 (365 hp) can run at 8,000 psi, 10,000 psi, 12,000 psi, 15,000 psi, 20,000 psi, and 24,000 psi. Flows range from 22 gpm to 64 gpm. NLB now has 22 convertible high-pressure water jet units, more than any other manufacturer, and offers users the widest range of pressures, flows, and horsepower to suit their applications.

NLB Corp. a leader in high-pressure and ultra-high pressure water jet technology, manufactures a full line of quality water jetting systems and accessories for contractor and industrial uses. These include surface preparation, paint removal, tank and tube cleaning, concrete hydrodemoilition, concrete and pipe cutting, and more.

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