New Cherrington Rock Screener for Seedbed Prep

Cherrington announces a major advancement in the development of its Seedbed Preparation – Soil Screener – Rock Picker.


This new single source screen oscillation device greatly improves the screening performance by introducing an intense but almost undetectable movement to the sifting screen.


The new sifting screen exciter greatly reduces many moving parts and machine maintenance.


This advancement brings the needed strength and durability that Cherrington has been looking for in developing it™s Beachcleaner for the Landscape and Construction markets.


Cherrington Model 4500 does more than pick rocks off the surface, it lifts a layer of topsoil 1 to 4 deep onto it™s sifting screen, retaining all rock, roots, stones larger than the chosen and quickly changeable screen hole size.


Screen sizes available-½ to 1¼.


Contact:   Cherrington Beachcleaners

Phone:  701-952-0226 or Toll-free 800-966-1588 

E-mail:  [email protected]   



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