KNAACK New Monster Box Series Fact Sheet

Product Features:



  • Constructed with heavy-duty tubular steel frame for durability (an industry first)

  • Designed with four-point top-mounted crane-lift system for extra safety

  • Integrated UL-rated drill-resistant lock for high security
  • Made with exclusive non-linear three-point latching system for maximum security
  • Heavy-duty staked and welded hinges for maximum pry-in resistance



Piano Box (Model 1000)

  • 48 cubic feet storage capacity
  • 30 inches wide, 66 inches long and 55 inches high
  • Two handles on lid for ergonomics and safety
  • Gas spring guards protect springs from shifting-load damage
  • Two shelves for extra storage and organization
  • Rack for hanging fall protection


Cabinet (Model 1020)

  • 52 cubic feet storage capacity
  • 30 inches wide, 66 inches long and 55 inches high
  • Two fixed, full-width shelves and one adjustable full-width bottom shelf
  • With bottom shelf at highest setting, five-gallon buckets fit on the bottom
  • Open design, without center post, for maximum storage and accessibility
  • Short and wide construction for stability
  • Weather seal for improved weather resistance
  • Shelves in doors


Chest (Model 1010)

  • 31 cubic feet storage capacity
  • 30 inches wide, 66 inches long and 36 inches high
  • Deep cover design for strength and security
  • Heavy-duty single cover support for easy cover closing


Monster Box Series Special Features:


Revolutionary Framing

  • Heavy-duty tubular steel framing
  • An industry first
  • Provides structural rigidity and strength
  • Caps the lid for more security


Unparalleled Lift System

  • Four-point crane lift
  • Supports 2500 pounds gross weight (including box)
  • Top mounted
  • Facilitates center-point rigging to hoist much more safely than with two-point/bar lift systems.

Integrated Locking

  • The only UL-rated drill-resistant, weather-resistant lock in the jobsite storage category
  • Virtually impervious to drilling and pry-ins


Three-Point Latching

  • Three point: two deadbolt and one hook/pin
  • Incorporates a recessed handle that operates the hook latch, while the other two latching points function as dead bolts


Power Pass Electrical Pass-Through

  • Electrical pass-through grommet allows for easy, weatherproof power cord access 



Additional Features:


Heavy-duty Hinges are extra durable and resist pry-ins


Fixed Handles on ends are recessed to stay out of the way while allowing easy gripping when needed


Heavy-duty Accessory Casters are available


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