Spray Control Systems Inc. Introduces 24-inch Toolbox

Blooming Prairie, Minn October 26, 2007 Spray Control Systems Inc., manufacturer of MinimizerÔ poly truck fenders and accessories, today announced the availability of the Minimizer 24-inch poly Toolbox.


Designed to fit into compact areas, the 24-inch toolbox offers a smaller option for truck drivers™ storage needs. Like Minimizer™s existing line of standard 36-inch Toolboxes, the new product is made of lightweight durable polyethylene material, making it virtually indestructible as compared with conventional metal toolboxes.


Not every driver has room on their frae to accommodate a huge toolbox, said Craig Kruckeberg, president and CEO of Spray Control Systems. The 24-inch toolbox is tailored for drivers who require a smaller model that makes the most of tighter spaces.


Customers have a choice in design, as well as size. Minimizer Toolboxes feature either a top opening door (chest style), allowing them to be mounted behind the truck cab; or a side-opening door (underbody style), for mounting on the side of the truck frame.


With aerodynamics, utility and style in mind, Minimizer Toolboxes also have been recently updated to feature rolled edges and molded grooves for setting into a quick fit bracket.



An alternative to heavy metal 

Unlike traditional stainless steel or aluminum toolboxes, polyethylene plastic boxes hold up better against the elements both human and environmental: They don™t rust, dent, crack or mark up, so they virtually never need to be painted, polished or replaced.


They also withstand extreme temperatures and humidity. Poly toolboxes don™t sweat from the inside when it™s hot, so crucial equipment, such as tarps, straps and work boots, won™t get wet and moldy, and tools won™t get rusty.


Minimizer™s reputation for toughness extends to tool security and safety as well. Minimizer Toolboxes provide sturdy storage and protection from the jolts and jostles of unpaved jobsites, cross-country hauls and unauthorized borrowers.


Each Minimizer Toolbox is outfitted with a cylinder lock, built into the handle. There is also an eyehook extension where a padlock can be added for extra security.


Unlike metal models, Minimizer Toolboxes come in a variety of colors to match a truck™s interior or exterior. Customers can choose from black, white, red, yellow, gray, blue, or purple. Orange is also available for utility or Department of Transportation trucks. And large orders can be customized for further compatibility with the customer™s brand and fleet color combinations.

Minimizer Toolboxes are competitively priced with traditional metal boxes. And because of their durability and functionality, they provide added value over most other options. 


Spray Control Systems Inc. manufactures poly truck fenders, poly toolboxes, super flaps, customized mud flaps, dura-scrapers and bracket kits. Founded in 1983, Spray Control Systems is a second-generation family-run organization. It aims to provide products tough enough to please tough people in a tough industry. Headquartered in Blooming Prairie, Minn., Spray Control Systems can be reached at (800) 248-3855 and on the Web at www.minimizer.com.

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