McLaughlin adds low profile vacuum excavator to product line

At A Glance

McLaughlin has introduced the V500 low profile vacuum excavator designed to provide easier access to confined spaces. The unit features a shorter wheelbase and a height of only 84 inches allowing contractors to access areas normally not acceptable to larger units. With a 575-cfm blower, 3000 psi of water flow and a 3-inch diameter suction hose, the V500 low profile provides efficient spoil removal. The unit also includes the industry-exclusive three-stage filtration system that allows for both wet and dry vacuum excavation and a quiet pack power system for reduced engine noise levels.


GREENVILLE, SC ” McLaughlin Group, Inc. is always thinking ahead when it comes to vacuum excavators and the introduction of its new low profile vacuum excavator is no exception.


Our customers told us they are dealing with more confined space projects and needed a vacuum excavator with a compact footprint, but they didn™t want to give up any power, say Mike Moore, vice president of sales for McLaughlin. So we deigned a unit that is more compact, yet offers the same features as our standard units.


The new V500 low profile unit measures less than 84 inches in height allowing the unit to access areas previously limited by height restrictions. The lower height of the unit also provides a lower center of gravity for increased stability on the jobsite and during transport.


We were also able to shorten the trailer length, providing customers more flexibility in maneuvering the unit into tight work spaces, says Moore. All together the package has a gross vehicle weight of less than 10,000 pounds.


While the new V500 low profile unit is more compact, it doesn™t lack for features.


The unit features a 575-cfm blower with a 3-inch diameter hose for efficient spoil removal. The 4-gallon per minute water pump delivers 3000 psi of water flow to slice through the most difficult soil conditions. Two standard 50-gallon saddle tanks provide 100 gallons of water, or customers can opt for two 125-gallon saddle tanks. The V500 low profile unit also features the McLaughlin quiet pack power system for reduced engine noise levels.



McLaughlin also uses an industry-exclusive three-stage filtration system that allows for both wet and dry vacuum excavation. First, material enters the tank at 130 mph and the large soil particles lose velocity and fall out of the filtration system. Next, the air moves to a pre-filter cyclone where the remaining small particles drop into a collection tank. Finally, the pre-filtered air enters a washable micron-poly filter that traps the remaining fine particles.


The McLaughlin line of vacuum excavators is available through the Vermeer dealer network. For more information on McLaughlin products and services, visit the company™s Web site at or e-mail McLaughlin at [email protected].
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