VEI Takes Loader Scale To The Next Level.

Helper21, the first on board weighing system which integrates the palm concept with a unique VEI operating system allowing a powerful solution and simplicity of use.

The helper21 is not only a weighing system but a complete Payload Management combined with a modem and user friendly interface which makes it the state of the art within the industry and the most advanced technology out there. Manufactured with the last electronics componentry available today, the helper21 manages for you the workflow and it is able to connect wireless with a remote location doesn”t matter how far it is. Nowadays the loadings done on site must be linked to tother vital management data which are part of the business logistic; they must be analyzed in terms of reducung costs and increasing profits per transported tonne.

Why Should You Install Helper21?

  • Data Processing power
  • Full Payload management on the delivery docket printout
  • Full Payload management on the ipot PC based software
  • Easy of Use PC type softkey icons
  • Touchscreen technology allows full interaction
  • Payload links to vital data
  • Database search engine
  • Minimum number of components no junction boxes
  • High Printout speed
  • Machine ignition password lock
  • Driver”s ID password lock
  • Blending program
  • Vehicle plate database linked to vital management data
  • GSM/CDMA wireless loading data transfer because your
    farest job sites are the most sensitive to scale full
    management integration

Internal Back-Up Data Buffer Technology

Always ask yourself: where data will go if a transmission error occurs? Will you be free to work anyway and data be stored? And how many payloads can be stored in case of transmission loss?
With helper21 the answer to these questions is one: dynamic data buffer technology.
helper21 with its OS (operating System) allows you to freely take care of your job site because it manages the buffer in background without you knowing there is a sort of transmission problem occurring.

Characteristics and Technology

  1. helper21 with touchscreen technology
  2. ikey plugin port
  3. eprint, thermal printer
  4. helper21-eprint unlocking knob
  5. eprint opening knob
  6. ikey pocket memory
  7. ikey reader (USB

Compact design. Easy to use touchscreen navigator with modern softkey symbols. Powerful VEI OS operating system

Ultra-sharp high resolution display with automatic and manual contrast adjustment.  

eprint, fast heavy duty thermal printer stand alone or integrated under helper21. Delivery dockets print out.

ikey data transfer. The kit includes ikey pocket size memory, ikey USB reader for a fast and reliable transmission.

Wireless data transfer with cellular modem or radio-frequency device. Includes 21GSMlink (GSM or CDMA) hardware or 21RFlink hardware (frequency depends upon country of use)

ipot software for data management and analysis. ipot retrieve all the loadings from the helper21 into a Personal Computer.

VEI OS operating system includes the machine”s loading cycle control, a sophisticated database and operating modes to satisfy any need.

helper21 with its OS (Operating System) allows you to freely take care of your job site because it manages the buffer in background without you knowing there is a sort of transmission problem occurring

Powerful Printout

The helper21 includes a powerful thermal printer which allows to print the a great amount of data in matter of few seconds and with a superior high quality layout, including your custom lines that relates to the product specifications or company approvals. Furthermore the paper roll concept allows to print reports on products and customers which would not be possible with a ticket printer, instead. The printer can be integrated underneath the helper21, making one unique fit or it can be installed apart for more convenience or space needs.

Data Transfer Technology

VEI has extensively invested in research and development of a unique USB based data transfer capability and GSM/CDMA wireless technology. With the ikey, a pocket size memory, you can transfer the data from the loader into the office PC where the ipot software stores all the information in a powerful database. The ipot software is a powerful Payload management software which can handle data from different machines out in the field. Furthermore you can program your helper21 databases as you like just through the ipot software. Why not simplify your work and just seat back watching what is happening at the job site from your office desk? Install the GSM/CDMA module into your loader and the helper21 will send the payload data to the remote office at your choice or you can retreat data from the loader when you like with a push of a button.

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