Miller Pipe Pro 304 Diesel Welding Generator Now Available with Weatherproof Stainless Steel Case

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. now offers its Pipe Pro 304 diesel welding generator with an optional stainless steel case to provide maximum protection from harsh weather conditions and corrosive environments. The Miller PipePro 304, the world™s first integrated engine driven inverter, provides superior multi-process welding capabilities and is a top choice among pipeline welders and process piping contractors.


Miller merged its pipeline-proven XMT® 304 inverter technology with a 26 HP Kubota diesel engine to create the PipePro 304. The unit delivers 5 to 400 amps of DC welding power (300 amps at 60 percent duty cycle) and CC/CV output capabilities, while delivering 12,000 watts of peak generator power, allowing tools, inverter welders or plasma cutters to run without affecting the arc. The PipePro 304 produces superior arc performance in all welding processes (Stick, DC-TIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG, Flux Core) and offers an excellent downhill pipe arc.

Ultimate Protection

The PipePro 304 with stainless steel case is designed to withstand an array of adverse weather conditions and harsh working environments”conditions that may cause the standard powder coated steel case to corrode if not properly maintained.

The Pipe Pro 304™s stainless steel case offers maximum corrosion resistance for extended operation in high humidity environments, rainy or snowy regions and coastal environments that contain high atmospheric salt content. The new stainless steel case also provides added protection against chemically corrosive environments often encountered while working near or within chemical processing facilities or other harsh industrial environments.

To ensure durability in the field, Miller subjects the Pipe Pro 304 with stainless steel case to a series of factory simulated environmental conditions to test for corrosion resistance. Some of these simulated tests include: unit operation in extreme temperatures (between -40 degrees and 122 degrees Fahrenheit), salt spray testing (to simulate coastal environments or cold, snowy and icy regions where municipalities use liberal amounts of road salt) and high humidity environments.

Because of stainless steel™s corrosion resistant properties, the PipePro 304 is an excellent choice for contractors, welders and fleet operators who want a corrosion proof unit or for users who simply desire a dressed up Pipe Pro 304 for aesthetic reasons.

The PipePro 304 uses solid stainless steel panels along with matching stainless steel nuts and bolts, which prevent rust stre

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