New Maxstar® 150 Includes Multi-Voltage Plugs, X-Case For Increased Portability, Durability

MVP Plugs connect the Maxstar® 150 to 115- and 230V receptacles, no tools required

¢ Durable polypropylene X-Case protects the Maxstar 150 during transport and storage

¢ Redesigned 6-pin receptacle resists breakage

APPLETON, Wis., January 16, 2008”Miller Electric Mfg. Co. recently added MVP Plugs (multi-voltage plugs) to its Maxstar® 150 TIG/Stick welder, which enables the unit to connect to 115 and 230V receptacles. Miller also includes a highly durable polypropylene X-Case to protect the Maxstar 150 and its accessories during transport and storage. Miller offers the Maxstar 150 in three models: S (Stick-only), STL (Stick/TIG Lift-Arc start) and STH (Stick/TIG high frequency and Lift-Arc start). The STL and STH models include a newly redesigned, robust 6-pin receptacle for use with a foot pedal or remote control switch.

The Maxstar 150 comes standard with two MVP Plugs: 115 V, 15 A and 230 V 50 A. End-users simply choose the MVP plug that fits the receptacle and connect it to the power cord”no tools required. The addition of MVP Plugs ensures that our customers can use bring the Maxstar 150 to the jobsite and not worry about the power supply, adds Luck.

The X-Case is also larger than its predecessor that eases repacking after use. The X-Case features a top carrying handle and side recessed handgrips for convenience. Constructed out of durable polypropylene, the X-Case protects the Maxstar 150 against damage during storage or transport.

Also more durable is the Maxstar 150™s new 6-pin receptacle, which accommodates a remote control switch or foot pedal. We™ve made the Maxstar 150™s 6-pin receptacle much more robust compared to previous models, says John Luck, product manager, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. End-users no longer have to fear ripping off the prongs and causing permanent damage to receptacle.

Weighing only 13.7 lb.s, the Maxstar 150 models have DC Stick/TIG output of 150 amps at 30 percent duty cycle using 230 VAC power. This enables nearly unlimited welding with a 1/8-in. diameter Stick electrode, which covers approximately 80 percent of all Stick applications.

For more information or to download a product spec sheet, visit Miller™s Web site at, call 1-800-4-A-Miller (800-426-4553), e-mail [email protected], fax 877-327-8132, or write to Miller Electric Mfg. Co., P.O. Box 100, Lithonia, GA 30058. Miller Electric Mfg. Co. is a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller brand arc welding equipment and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (NYSE: ITW).

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