New Heavy-Duty and Gasless Centerfire Parts Add Flexibility, Enhance Welding Performance and Efficiency

  • Heavy-Duty nozzle reduces inventory costs and downtime

  • Heat resistant materials withstand degradation at 400-600 amps

  • Gasless parts improve visibility and joint accessibility



BEECHER, Ill., March 3, 2008”Designed to reduce operator downtime and improve weld quality for companies that weld at high amperages or that frequently change between MIG welding and self-shielded flux-cored welding, Bernard introduces its new Heavy-Dutyand Gasless Centerfire components.

The Heavy-Duty Centerfire nozzles, designed for shipbuilding, trailer fabrication and other heavy equipment manufacturing operations, feature thicker walls, a new heat-resistant insulating material and a removable nozzle cone.

Heavy-Duty nozzles are well-suited to applications using mixed gases, spray transfer processes or thick aluminum welding and other uses that increase the heat transferred to the consumables.

The removable nozzle cone lowers downtime and consumables cost by allowing operators to replace only the cone, the most frequently damaged part of the nozzle, without having to remove and replace the entire nozzle.  The removable cone also makes cleaning easier by allowing greater access to the nozzle body for spatter removal.

The small size of the cone relative to the entire nozzle also reduces the inventory footprint, resulting in better material flow and a less cluttered workspace. The increased wall thickness and new insulating material lower downtime by reducing the number of consumable changeovers caused by heat degradation.

Like the standard Centerfire nozzles, the Heavy-duty nozzles feature a built-in spatter guard that produces a calmer gas flow for improved weld puddle protection. The Heavy-Duty Centerfire nozzles are also available in a variety of configurations, with several nozzle orifices and tip recesses.


Gasless parts

For companies that use the same power source for both MIG and self-shielded welding, Bernard™s new Gasless Centerfire parts allow operators to easily convert a Q-Gun from one process to the other. To install the parts, operators simply remove the nozzle and replace it with a tip holder and insulator, which provide better visibility and joint access for self-shielded applications.


            Both the Heavy-Duty nozzles and Gasless parts operate with the standard Centerfire contact tips and diffusers, allowing companies to weld at higher amperages or with self-shielded wire without having to replace their entire welding consumable inventory. Both products can be used with any major brand of MIG gun through the use of Bernard conversion parts.


For more information about Heavy-Duty and Gasless Centerfire components or any of Bernard™s welding products, visit, call 1-800-946-2281, fax 708-946-6726, email [email protected]or write Bernard, 449 West Corning Road, Box 667, Beecher, IL 60401.


            Bernard Welding Equipment, located in Beecher, Ill, manufactures premium GMAW (MIG) welding guns, consumables, accessories and manual arc products. For over 50 years Bernard has been an innovator in heavy-duty MIG welding and a contributor to improved welding productivity.

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