Bernard™s New Dura-Flux Gun Withstands Abuse, Increases Comfort

  • Packaged with Miller SuitCase 12RC and X-TREME 12VS wire feeders

  • Comes standard with Bernard™s Centerfire contact tips


LAS VEGAS, March 11, 2008”To meet the demanding needs and harsh environments of construction, shipbuilding, heavy manufacturing and rental applications, Bernard introduces its first ever self-shielded flux-cored gun, the Dura-Flux.

            To increase operator comfort, Dura-Flux guns feature a non-metallic trigger that absorbs less heat than metal triggers. The trigger is also made with a sealed microswitch, which keeps out dust and dirt, to provide a long work life. Welders will also appreciate the smaller trigger guard, which improves maneuverability compared to guns with larger heat shields.

            The small trigger guard doesn™t obstruct our access to narrow access joints the way the larger heat shields do,Âť says Daniel Stinson, Ironworkers Local 492, Nashville, Tenn. We usually end up removing the heat shields so that they don™t get in the way while welding joints without much room to maneuver, such as the bottom flanges on structural jobs.Âť

            The Dura-Flux is rated to 350 amps at 100 percent duty cycle and can handle higher current loads at reduced duty cycles. It accepts flux-cored wire up to 3/32-in. and is equipped with a heavy-duty monocoil power cable and Bernard™s Centerfire contact tips, which last up to three times longer than other brands.

The Dura-Flux gun also features interchangeable power pins and trigger leads for compatibility with both Miller and Lincoln products, along with power pin liners that are easily changed without tools to simplify maintenance. The Dura-Flux will be packaged with Miller Miller SuitCase 12RC and SuitCase X-TREME 12VS wire feeders for a limited time beginning in August. The gun”s inclusion comes at no additional charge, a $400 value.


The Dura-Flux gun shipped with Miller SuitCase feeders is configured to meet the precise application requirements of most users. A 15-foot gun with a 6-inch, 60-degree neck is standard.  In applications that require a shorter gun, Bernard™s gun exchange program allows welders to exchange the unused Dura-Flux gun shipped with Miller SuitCase feeders for a 10-foot gun. A variety of jacketed and armored Dura-Flux necks are also available. For welders who perfer a nonstandard neck, Bernard will replace the standard unused neck with one that better fits their application-free of charge and no exchange necessary. Contact Bernard”s customer”s service team 1-800-946-2281 for complete details on both programs.


For more information about the Dura-Flux gun or any of Bernard™s welding products, visit, call 1-800-946-2281, fax 708-946-6726, email [email protected] or write Bernard, 449 West Corning Road, Box 667, Beecher, IL 60401.


            For more information about the SuitCase 12RC or SuitCase X-TREME 12VS, call 800-4-A-MILLER  (800-426-4553), e-mail [email protected], fax 877-327-8132, visit the Web site or write to Miller Electric Mfg. Co., P.O. Box 100, Lithonia, Ga., 30058.

            Bernard Welding Equipment, located in Beecher, Ill, manufactures premium GMAW (MIG) welding guns, consumables, accessories and manual arc products. For over 50 years Bernard has been an innovator in heavy-duty MIG welding and a contributor to improved welding productivity.

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