Miller Pipepro Multi-Process Welding System Improves Pipe Welding Productivity By 25 Percent Or More


LAS VEGAS”Miller Electric Mfg. Co. recently introduced its PipePro Multi-Process Welding System designed to improve welding productivity in process piping for offshore piping and on-shore piping and pipe fabrication applications. The system features the PipePro 450 RFC (Root-Fill-Cap) power source, PipePro 12RC SuitCase or PipePro bench-style feeders and Bernard PipeWorx Guns.

            The PipePro Multi-Process Welding System features the patented advanced welding processes of RMD (Regulated Metal Deposition, a modified short circuiting process) designed for root pass welds, and Pro-Pulse (which is easier to use than conventional pulse in out-of-position pipe welding applications). Providing unmatched versatility for field and shop fabrications, the PipePro Welding System offers superior arc performance in all processes: Stick, TIG, MIG, FCAW, Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging. Operators are able to select the welding process best suited for the application.


  • Offers superior arc performance in all processes

  • Enables less-experienced operators to make code-quality welds

  • Advanced welding technology also user friendly 



                The PipePro 450 RFC with RMD and Pro-Pulse makes it easier for less-skilled operators to produce welds that meet API, AWS, ASME and other code requirements, says Mike Roth, marketing manager GPS group, Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

    More user-friendly than competitive systems, operators can become proficient with the RMD Pro process much faster than they can with the TIG or Stick processes. As a result, the PipePro 450 RFC may help alleviate the chronic shortage of qualified welding operators by enabling fabricators to train people in less time. Yet, the PipePro 450 RFC offers superior arc performance in all processes for exceptional job-site versatility.

    In addition, Roth says, Substituting RMD Pro for TIG and Stick can conservatively improve productivity by 25 percent or more. Cycle time improvements result from increased travel speed, improved deposition rates, fewer starts and stops and, in the case of Stick welding, significantly less clean-up time. Pipe fabricators facing tight deadlines or cuts in operating costs can™t afford to overlook the long-term value of PipePro 450 RFC.

    The PipePro 450 has an output of 450 amps/44 volts at 100 percent duty cycle. It measures 22 x 15.5 W x 41 H (inches), weighs 163 lbs. and features Miller™s exclusive Auto-Line primary power management technology.

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