Easy to Learn, Easy to Use, Miller™s ProHeat 35 Rapidly Heats One or Two Joints for Preheat and Stress Relief

  • Outperforms propane or radiant heating in efficiency, ease of use and heating uniformity

  • Simple interface can be learned in a matter of minutes and provides operator tutoring.

  • Air-cooled configuration can provide uniform heating up to 400ºF, liquid-cooled up to 1450º F.


LAS VEGAS-With Miller Electric Mfg. Co.™s new ProHeat 35 induction heating system, one or two welding joints can be rapidly and uniformly heated for preheat or stress relief with minimal setup and instruction time. An induction heating system induces heat electromagnetically in a metal part rather than by using a heating element to conduct heat, as does resistance heating.

The ProHeat 35 is designed to replace open-flame or resistance heating in weld preheating and stress relieving in:

  • The construction and repair of transmission pipelines

  • The construction and repair of power piping

  • The construction and repair of petrochemical piping

  • Drill pipe manufacturing

  • Pipe fabrication shops

  • Shipyards

  • Mining equipment maintenance

         And other applications where a reliable source of uniform heating is required.


            The new ProHeat 35 can be used as an air-cooled system for temperatures up to 400º F or as a liquid-cooled system for temperatures up to 1450º F. The ProHeat 35 features multiple outputs, four control thermocouples to ensure uniform heating, significantly faster time to temperature than conventional heating, and an extremely easy-to-use operator interface that allows the operator to program ramp and hold temperature times. It also tutors the operator to achieve maximum output from the induction coils.

            By switching from conventional heating processes (propane or resistance heating) to an induction heating system, companies have experienced a reduction in preheat time of 400 percent (from 2-1/4 hours to 30 minutes) while attaining more uniform heating without incurring consumable costs. Miller designed its new induction heating system to require minimal instruction and set up time-about 10 minutes each- and to decrease labor costs while increasing productivity.

One of our goals was to make the ProHeat 35 so easy to use that we could talk someone through the operation of the unit in about 10 minutes. We™ve achieved that goal, said Mike Roth, marketing manager of Global Pipe Systems, Miller Electric. If you have a complicated product, you have to spend time training how to use it. But the ProHeat 35 is very intuitive. You can walk up to it, push a few buttons and learn how it works.

Available as an air-cooled unit for temperatures up to 400º F, or, with the addition of a cooler and cooling cables, as a liquid-cooled unit for temperatures up to 1450º F, the ProHeat 35 provides 35kW of induction heating power with a frequency range from 5 to 30 KHz.

The ProHeat 35™s built-in temperature controller provides for manual or temperature-based programming. Manual programming benefits preheat applications where a part is heated to temperature and the heating device removed. Temperature-based programming allows the user to develop procedures for preheating, hydrogen bake-out or stress relief.

A patent-pending, multiple-control-thermocouple input allows four control and two monitoring thermocouples to be used simultaneously. The controller reads the control thermocouples and regulates the heat rise based on the hottest thermocouple and the cooling based on the coolest thermocouple. This ensures that heating and cooling rates are not violated during the procedure. Separate displays indicate the temperature of each thermocouple and indicate which is being used to control the heating process.

Induction parameters are dependent on how the heating blankets or cables are placed on the part to be heated. To increase ease of use even further, the ProHeat 35 features a built-in Operator Help System that recognizes less than maximum power output. It then makes recommendations to the operator on how to adjust a coil to provide greater power output. The system also provides help messages if the power source is in a limit or fault condition.

At the same time, to protect the system, the ProHeat 35 will provide only the amount of power that can be used based on current parameters. In another patented feature, the ProHeat 35 automatically detects what type of cable is attached (air- or liquid-cooled) and limits output to protect cables and blankets.

To provide additional safety, an open-output detection feature ensures that both outputs are either in use or covered by a protective plug for the system to operate. To further protect the user, a patented isolation fault protection system automatically shuts the system down should the power source output short to ground.

As an air-cooled induction heating system, two heating blankets may be connected in parallel or four blankets in a series-parallel configuration. Blankets come in sizes to fit pipes or plates from 8.625-in. diameter (40-in. long) to 56-in diameter (185-in. long). The blankets are reusable and are easily installed in a matter of seconds. They are made from durable, high-temperature materials to withstand the tough conditions in both industrial and construction applications.

With the liquid-cooled induction heating system, the cooler is attached to the power source and available separately. It can be added at a later time to upgrade from air-cooled to a liquid-cooled system.  A highly flexible induction heating cable can be used for a variety of round (pipe) or flat (plate) applications.

A digital recorder records time vs. temperature from the six thermocouple inputs. Programming is done through an easy-to-use touch screen. The digital recorder is rigidly attached to the top of the power source.  Data is encrypted and stored on disks for transfer to a computer for further analysis, storage, printing of hard copies or transferring files by e-mail. As an alternative, the recorder can easily be removed from the power source and carried to a PC for direct transfer of data.  The ProHeat 35 can also be used with other data recorders.

The ProHeat 35™s low weight (227 lbs.), lifting eye and optional running gear provide versatile mobility.

A comprehensive CD is provided with each unit and is available free through the MillerWelds.com Web site. The CD explains heating  operations, benefits of induction heating, and ProHeat 35 set-up, programming and operation.

The ProHeat 35 is covered by Miller™s True-BlueÃ’ one-year warranty. For more information about the ProHeat 35 Induction Heating System or to request a CD, visit MillerWelds.com, call 1-800-4-A-MILLER (800-426-4553), fax 877-327-8132, or write to Miller Electric Mfg. Co., P.O. Box 100, Lithonia, GA 30058.

Headquartered in Appleton, Wis., Miller is a leading worldwide manufacturer of arc welding equipment and related systems for metalworking, construction, maintenance and other applications. Miller Electric Mfg. Co. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW), Glenview, Ill.  ITW is a diversified multinational manufacturer of highly-engineered components, assemblies and systems.

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