Lincoln Electric Introduces the New Outback® 185 Engine-Driven Welder for On-site Welding Applications

¢ Low-Lift grab bars for easy transport

¢ Portable 185 amp DC stick capabilities and 5,700 watt peak AC generator power

¢ Largest in its class with a 6.8-gallon fuel tank for extended run time

¢ Easy-access front panel controls


Cleveland Lincoln Electric introduces the new Outback® 185 engine-driven welder, specifically designed for portability as the ultimate DC stick welder and AC power generator.

Ideal for service truck operators, maintenance crews, farmers, ranchers and contractors, the unit™s Low-Lift grab bars provide move leverage for lifting the unit on and off truck beds. The Outback 185™s engine control panels are accessible from the front, allowing users to start up, turn off and adjust output on truck-mounted units. These features and the Outback 185™s 6.8-gallon fuel tank make it the ultimate portable welder/generator option.

Arc Performance 
The Outback 185 has a smooth DC welding output of up to 185 amps for welding steel, stainless steel or cast iron, as well as hardfacing projects due to its ability to operate up to 5/32 stick electrode. Its single, full-range and calibrated welding output dial makes it easy to set the best current for any maintenance, fabrication or repair job, while providing exceptional welding capabilities.

AC Generator Power
The Outback 185™s high-capacity AC generator provides 5,700 watts of peak power and 5,200 watts of continuous power, allowing the user to operate several tools, such as lights, a pump or a grinder. The Outback 185™s 240 volt and 120 volt AC outlets enable operators to plug in a compact wire feeder, such as Lincoln Electric™s Power MIG® 140C or 180C. This ability facilitates high-productivity welding processes, including flux-cored or MIG applications on steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Quality and Dependability
Ruggedness and portability describe the Outback 185™s design with its 1-1/4 diameter protective tube frame; a powder paint finish to prevent rust and corrosion; and Low-Lift grab bars for ea

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