Wright Tool Torque Multipliers Tackle Difficult Bolting Applications

BARBERTON, OHIO June 2008 Wright Tool Company offers a complete line of torque multipliers, which includes three styles: universal tube, plate reaction and foot reaction. These tools range in output capacity from 750 foot-pounds to 8,000 foot-pounds.


Wright Tool™s torque multipliers simplify the operator™s job, whether it is to accurately tighten a fastener or to loosen a stubborn fastener. A torque multiplier takes the low amount of input torque that an operator can comfortably apply through a standard torque wrench, ratchet, breaker bar or other input, and multiplies it to provide a high level of output torque. A torque conversion chart is conventionally attached to the multipplier to show the operator the input torque required for a given torque output.


Our compact, rugged, one-piece design is easy to handle, and the operators seldom need to apply more than 200 foot-pounds of input torque to achieve their output goal,Âť said Greg Helbling, vice president of sales, Wright Tool.


Wright Tool manufactures a complete line of more than 4,000 professional-grade hand tools for the industrial, contractor, and MRO markets. All Wright-manufactured products are U.S. made and carry lifetime guarantees against defects in workmanship. The company is committed to perfecting performance. Wright Tool is located at One Wright Drive, P.O. Box 512, Barberton, OH 44203. Phone: 800-321-2902. Fax: 800-543-2095. E-mail: [email protected]. Web site: https://www.wrighttool.com/.

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