HBS Systems- Products and Technology

HBS Systems Products and Technology are comprised of custom desogned software and industrial strength hardware forged together to form an Enterprise- ready set of solutions for your dealership, regardless of size.

HBS Systems utilizes the power of UNIX for the Business System Applications coupled tightly with our own powerful Windows-based productivity and analysis applications such as EPIC® and GraphXPress.

New applications like NetView and e-Customers Gateway use advanced web-based technology including the Apache Web Server and Internet Explorer to deliver Internet-styled applications for both you and your customer.

Companies like IBM, HP, Okidata, and Symbol Technologies supply the hardware used by HBS to deliver rugged and reliable solutions.

Innovative interfacing technology is used to provide a virtual bridge for data between HBS and the various Equipment Manufacturer”s Communications and Parts Cataloging systems. Low-bandwidth data transfers based on XML and HTTP with streaming data compression improve satellite store operations by decreasing the time required to move data between systems.

Review the HBS Product Guide to the left or contact your HBS Regional Sales Manager to learn more about HBS Products and Technology today.

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