QuickMeasure – Blueprint Measuring Software for Construction Estimators

QuickMeasure is our Windows based software that allows the construction estimator to do takeoffs from blueprints quickly and accurately. Simply click on the desired measuring function, Line, Area, Segment, or Count and begin touching the digitizer pen to the blueprint.

As you touch the digitizer pen to the blueprint, QuickMeasure displays a picture of exactly what you have measured. This helps if you have forgotten where you started, or maybe you were interrupted by a phone call. Print a picture of your takeoff or store it to a file for review at a later time.

Digitized Graphics

You may type information directly into QuickMeasure”s Spreadsheet Values Window, or you can bring information into the SpreadSheet Values Window from your existing spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel, etc.). Digitize quantities into the appropriate cells, then click the Send Icon to transfer from 1-500 quantities back into your existing spreadsheet with a single click of the mouse.


Features found in QuickMeasure

Measuring Functions:
Count, Linear, Segment Length and Area

All Imperial and Metric scales. Plus, calibrated scales derived from known distances on blueprints that have been reduced, photo-copied or faxed.

Spreadsheet Values Window:
Bring ranges of up to 1000 cells from your existing Excel, Lotus or Quattro spreadsheets into QuickMeasure”s Spreadsheet Values Window. Fill in the quantity fields with digitizer generated quantities then send the quantities back into your spreadsheet application. You may also create your own spreadsheet right within QuickMeasure. QuickMeasure”s Spreadsheet Values Window supports formulas to extend quantities or sum columns.

Digitized Graphics:
Each item you measure with QuickMeasure will be drawn and stored. In fact, you can highlight a range of cells and overlay multiple takeoff items to create a complete footprint which can then be printed and stapled to your estimate. QuickMeasure will also display dimensions on your takeoff so if plans are modified you can compare your takeoff with the working set of drawings.

Select from a variety of lines colors to differentiate between different takeoff items (footing types, wall types, etc.). The legend then prints along with the picture of your takeoff to give your field personnel a clear definition each item in your estimate. Count items are defined by a symbol library.

Conversion Calculator:
Lengths and areas generated with the digitizer can be converted into any variety of units including CY, CF, SY and more. QuickMeasure will also apply pitch factors to sloped roofs and vaulted ceilings. Also convert Metric quantities to Imperial and vice versa.

Companion Application:
Tie QuickMeasure”s ability to measure Counts, Lengths and Areas into your existing estimating package including Microsoft Access, Corecon, Intuit”s QuickBooks Premiere Contractor and most other database oriented estimating applications.

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