QuickMeasure OnScreen – Digital Blueprint Measuring Software

QuickMeasure Onscreen is our Windows based software that allows the construction estimator to do takeoffs directly from the image displyed on the computer screen. Using the mouse on your computer, simply click on the image displayed on the screen to generate area, lengths and count measurements. Quantities are accumulated in the QuickMeasure OnScreen application or they can be sent directly to the users existing Excel spreadsheet.

As you click your mouse on the digital image, a line snaps from point to point to show you what you have measured. This helps to show you what you have and haven”t measured. You may print a picture of a single takeoff item or group multiple takeoff items together to see an combined image of the entire blueprint. All takeoff images are stored either in QuickMeasure OnScreen or in your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

You may use QuickMeasure OnScreen to accumlate your takeoff items within a takeoff checklist. The contents of the takeoff list can be printed at any time.

Features found in QuickMeasure OnScreen
Measuring Functions:
Count, Linear, Segment Length and Area

All Imperial and Metric scales.

Takeoff Checklist:
Displays entire list of all takeoff items.

List of Images:
Import multiple images that display as tabs at the bottom of the screen. Quickly jump from structural to elevation to detail pages with a click of the mouse.

Line Colors:
Select from a variety of lines colors to differentiate between different takeoff items (footing types, wall types, etc.). Count items are defined by a variety of different symbols. Preset colors in your existing Excel “master” template.

Excel Interface:
Links seamlessly with your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Takeoff images are stored in Excel with each takeoff item.

Print takeoff checklist and images from a single measurement or multiple measurements.

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