PINE INSTRUMENT COMPANY INTRODUCES NEW LABORATORY TESTING PRODUCTS–Aggregate Imaging System, Superpave AFG2 Gyratory Compactor Provide Flexibility, Savings–


GROVE CITY, PA: Pine Instrument Company has expanded its range of solutions by introducing two new, advanced laboratory material testing products:  the Aggregate Imaging System and the Superpave AFG2 Gyratory Compactor.


Aggregate Imaging System

Pine™s new Aggregate Imaging System is an automated aggregate analysis system that offers three tests in one: Image-based particle characterization that provides a unified way to measure angularity, shape and surface texture. 


The system™s light table accommodates up to 50 coarse aggregate particles or literally hundreds of fine aggregate particles at once.  Automatic camera movement scans the entire surface, individually characterizing each aggregate particle.


Traditional aggregate testing is subject to operator bias, but image-based measurements using Pine™s Aggregate Imaging System are immune to operator interference.  Automatic Zoom and illumination controls eliminate any bias due to particle size or color.


Pine™s Aggregate Imaging System saves laboratory technicians time and helps them gain valuable new insights about their aggregate sources. 


Superpave AFG2Gyratory Compactor

Pine™s new AFG2 is its third generation gyratory compactor which incorporates the newest technology that laboratory technicians need in a gyratory compactor.  With built-in angle measurement capabilities, it can operate using either an internal or external mold angle.  Throughout the entire compaction process, the angle is displayed on the screen along with the consolidation pressure, gyration number and specimen height.


The AFG2 was designed to account for frame compliance and dynamically compensates for varying mix stiffness.  It internally stores results from 20 previous tests, including gyration number, specimen height, angle of gyration, consolidation pressure and sheer per gyration (optional).  Results can be stored on a USB memory stick, sent directly to a PC through the unit™s integral USB port or to a printer connected to the compactor™s USB port.


The 150mm molds for the AFG2 are tall.  Up to 250mm of loose hot mix asphalt can be placed into the mold prior to compaction, allowing the AFG2 to make both 115mm Superpave volumetric specimens and the 170mm specimens required for performance testing.


The AFG2 uses the same mold assemblies as Pine™s AFG1 and the providing ring and gauge blocks are the same.  The only difference is the external angle measurement jig, which replaces the sensor verification assembly of the AFG1.



About Pine Instrument Company:


Pine Instrument Company, a privately held corporation headquartered in Grove City, PA, manufactures and supplies both SuperpaveÔ and Marshall asphalt testing equipment to paving contractors, state highway departments, colleges and universities, and the Federal Highway Administration. Pine manufactures and sells four models of the Superpave Gyratory Compactor to meet the needs of all customers. Pine also manufactures and supplies electrochemical research equipment domestically and internationally to major colleges and universities, and to the research and development departments of major corporations. In addition, Pine Instrument provides both design and electronic assembly services to Fortune 500 firms, and well as to smaller manufacturers.  For more information about Pine, visit

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