Trimble CCS900 Compaction Control System

The Trimble® CCS900 Compaction Control System is the first satellite-based positioning solution to offer contractors the ability to compact surface material to a target density and check finished grade accuracy in the same process.

Using the advanced Trimble satellite-based positioning sensors and the powerful on-machine software of Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System version 10.7, it extends the Trimble 3D grade control family to include soil and sub-surface material compaction for tandem rollers and single smooth drum and padfoot rollers.

Compaction is critical to the earthworks process. Earthworks projects require that sub-surface material is compacted to a target density in order to achieve an increased durability, stability, and load-bearing capacity.

Contractors are required to provide detailed documentation that project specifications of target compaction levels have been met. Manual collection of random samples of compacted material is inefficient and not representative of material density levels of the entire project. Contractors now require advanced capability on the machine that collects and documents comprehensive, real-time compaction data. That information can later be analyzed in the office to generate detailed reports and documentation necessary to meet stringent project documentation deliverables.

The Trimble Compaction Control System provides continuous compaction control for contractors that require advanced compaction measurement capability, display and mapping of compaction measurements in real time, and on-machine documentation of compaction results.

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