GCS600 Grade Control System for Excavators

The Trimble® GCS600 Grade Control System for Excavators is a highly flexible laser-based system designed for excavation, trenching, grading and profile work. The Trimble GCS600 is idea for earthmoving, site preparation and general contractors looking for a flexible, economical, and easy-to-use grade control system to improve their productivity and profitability.

The GCS600 Grade Control System uses Trimble AS300 Angle Sensor, Trimble AS310 Dual Axis Sensor and Trimble LC300 Laser Catcher that measure the relationship between the body, boom, stick and bucket to determine where the cutting edge is and should be, directing the operator to the desired depth and slope. You know exactly where the bucket is at all times-with no guesswork. The system also offers the Trimble CB410 Control Box for Excavators to give you a powerful range of features specifically designed for unobstructed vision and in-cab excavator control.

Using the Trimble GCS600 gives you a system that indicates depth and slope, or a combination of both. You can control the and carry out desired depth or slope without a grade checker or laborer in the ditch. This capability significantly reduces the costs and downtime associated with staking or in the ditch grade checking, and also increases site safety by eliminating the need for a person to be present near the operating excavator.


  • Excavating basements, foundations and footers
  • Flat bottom and simple slope trenching
  • Flat and simple slope grading and embankments
  • Profile excavation and canals or batters

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