New Device Gives Rental Companies the Advantages GPS in a Simpler, Less Costly Alternative

OEM Data Delivery (OEM DD), a manufacturer of data management systems for rental companies, has introduced a wireless, hands-free way to capture equipment locations, plus work hours, idle time, and service alerts, accurately, and in real time.  This allows management to identify the disposition of high-value assets and improve staff productivity by reducing data collection requirements and manual searching.


The OEM DD GoPOD is a tiny, concealed computer installed in any rental equipment.  GoPOD has a GPS antennae, and a radio antennae.  Information is collected passively, via drive-by, within a range of 300 ft. line of site, and is transmitted via secure radio link.  It is then formatted, downloaded into a nightly web report, and made available on a password-protected website. Information easily integrates with virtually all major back office management systems. 


GoPOD can markedly improve return on investment by reducing labor cost. The system facilitates more accurate accounting, and optimizes equipment maintenance by avoiding over and under-servicing.  It is also a powerful and effective tool for preventing the theft, or unauthorized movement, of high-value assets. 

GoPOD was engineered specifically for the requirements of equipment rental.  It is a wireless and automated solution that is both leaner and more efficient than GPS devices for this application. 


For more information, contact OEM Data Delivery, 10 Controls Drive | Shelton, CT 06484 | 203.929.8431

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