TeleType Releases Commercial Truckers GPS with Hazmat Routing

Each year thousands of trucks throughout the U.S. and Canada crash into low bridges or get stuck just before the bridge causing traffic delays, damage to the vehicle, and fines, totaling millions of dollars. In some cases, drivers are using GPS systems which are indifferent to the needs of commercial drivers. A new GPS system by TeleType addresses the needs of commercial drivers by taking into consideration low bridge clearances as well as a host of other restrictions such as hazmat hauling, and weight limits.

Boston, MA- April 28, 2008– TeleType has released Commercial Truck WorldNav Portable GPS system based on TeleType”s award winning navigation product line. This advanced touch scren GPS offers Truck Routing GPS navigation solutions for professional truck drivers, bus drivers, and RV”ers. The product insures that routes will follow roads that are suitable for truck travel, and yet the commercial driver can rely on the routing as it takes into account commercial truck restrictions such as bridge heights and clearances, load limits, one-way road designations, left-hand and dangerous turn restrictions and allowances. For example, a typical set of restrictions for a semi-trailer could be entered as 13″16″ height, 80,000 lb weight, 53″ length, and 96″ width. Furthermore, 10 levels of Hazmat routing are now supported. The commercial drivers GPS is available in two screen sizes, 3.5″ and 7″ diagonal.

Key Features

  • Truck Restriction Routing insures the commercial driver travels on permitted roads only

  • Pays for itself- Avoid costly tickets, avoid tolls, navigate unfamilliar territory efficiently, save time and gas

  • Hazmat routing- offers 10 levels of Hazmat routing

  • Voice directions- Pronounces street names in English, Spanish or French  Example: In 2 miles, take Exit 23, to I-95 North

  • Touch Screen GPS- with U.S. and Canada maps are pre-installed

  • MP3 & Video Player- for relaxation during loading or rest time

  • Easy Updating- Maps and program installed to secure digital card allowing easy exchange

  • Most extensive POI database in the industry

  • 12+ million Points of Interest pre-loaded including truck stops and weigh stations

  • Accessories Included- for powering, re-charging and mounting

  • Waypoints- add unlimited number of your own waypoints

  • Flexible Routing Options  Example: Shortest, Quickest, Highway

  • 350,000 miles of Restricted Roads- clearly indicated on the map based on specific truck characteristics and load

  • Locate Nearest Weigh Stations and Truck Stops

Established in 1981, TeleType has emerged to become a leader in the field of Global Positioning Systems. TeleType specializes in software system integration and produces innovative products for a variety of industries. GPS software solutions include support of Windows CE and Pocket PC for vehicle navigation, fleet tracking, and geographic information systems data collection.


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