Trimble SPS781 and SPS881 Smart GPS Antennas

The Trimble® SPS781 and SPS881 Smart GPS Antennas are the simple solution to all your site measurement and stakeout applications. Key components of the Trimble Site Positioning System, these high-accuracy smart antennas use GPS satellite signals to compute exact locations and give contractors an easy-to-use, wide area measurement system for a variety of site preparation and grade checking applications.

The Trimble SPS781 and SPS881 Smart GPS Antennas can be used as either a rover for site measurement and stakeout, or as a base station for site measurement and machine control operations. Rover set up is fast and easy-just switch on the receiver, start up the controller and you”re ready to go! And because the GPS receiver, GPS antenna, radio, radio antenna and battery are integrated into one housing, you don”t have to deal with cables and multiple components.

Available in a range of options to suit your applications, flexibility and performance requirements, versatile Trimble GPS receivers are a future-proof investment. The SPS881 receiver is designed to receive current and future satellite signals. This receiver supports GPS modernization through support of L2C code. The receiver can be upgraded with GLONASS and L5 GPS signals, protecting your investment well into the future.

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