Trimble SPS751 and SPS851 Modular GPS Receivers

Trimble® SPS751 and SPS851 Modular GPS Receivers are ideal for semi-permanent or permanent setups, marine-based applications, as well as construction rover applications. The antennas can also be mounted in a marine vessel or on a site supervisor”s vehicle.

The Trimble SPS751 and SPS851 receivers combine the radio and GPS receiver in a single housing. This allows contractors to secure the majority of their investment inside a site trailer or carrying case, protected from the elements and/or theft, leaving only the antennas outside.

Available in a range of options to suit your individual applications, flexibility and performance requirements, versatile Trimble GPS receivers are a future-proof investment. The receivers are designed to use all currently available satellite signals including L1, L2 and the GPS modernized L2C code. The SPS851 receiver can be upgraded with GLONASS and L5 GPS signals to optimize performance in areas of tough GPS-only conditions and maximize your investment well into the future.

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