New Topcon laser adds value to visibility

LIVERMORE, CA Topcon Positioning Systems™ has combined advanced features, a compact design, and an economical price to create a new professional interior laser that™s right for all jobs and all budgets.

            The new RL-VH4G incorporates the industry™s most visible laser the world™s first GreenBeam® technology introduced by Topcon in 1997 and these productive features:

— SmartScan® beam control with line drawing;

— Extended battery operation (up to twice that of other lasers);

— Electronic slope and alignment control;

— Horizontal, vertical, plumb, and 90 degree beam versatility;

— Radio remote control, line-of-sight not required;

— Compact design with removable laser guard.

            Compared to ordinary red beam lasers, Topcon™s GreenBeam technology quadruples beam brightness,Âť said Mark Contino, Topcon™s director of international sales and marketing. You never lose the beam, even in direct sunlight, and you won™t ever again waste time hunting for a laser beam on your target.Âť

            Using the instrument™s exclusive scan target, an operator can capture the beam and Ëśstretch™ it to any length, up to 180-degrees,Âť Contino said. This creates a steady line of green laser light that is bright, stable and perfectly level.Âť

            The package includes a height-adjustable wall mount for ceiling grid installations; it can also be used to set a level reference when hanging cabinets or setting countertops.

            By placing the RL-VH4G on its side,Âť Contino said, (using its built-in floor mount), vertical set-ups are a snap. Simply set it over layout points and the laser transfers these points to any vertical surface on the job to position studs, drop walls, or bulkheads.Âť

            With the 90-degree beam emitted from the top and bottom of the instrument, you can speed up the pace of any 90-degree layout or alignment by quickly establishing corners and tee™s.

            The standard RL-VH4G package includes a hard shell carrying case, two magnetic ceiling / scan targets, and four alkaline batteries. The instrument offers three power options for convenience and flexibility: alkaline (standard), rechargeable (optional), and AC run/charge (optional).

            Using alkaline batteries the RL-VH4G provides up to 27 hours of continuous operation, up to twice that of the competition.

            An optional LS-70 laser sensor designed to specifically work with GreenBeam is also available for using the laser outside for longer-range elevation or alignment control.



About Topcon Positioning Systems:  Topcon Positioning Systems, a developer and manufacturer of positioning equipment, offers the world™s leading selection of innovating precision GPS, GIS, laser, agriculture, optical surveying, and machine control products, software, and applications.  Topcon Corporation is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (7732).

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