Revolutionary asset mobile management tool

LIVERMORE, Calif. January 29, 2009 Ready for a revolution?


Regardless of what a construction company needs from a mobile asset management system, it can all come from one solution and can be provided with two words: Topcon Tierra.


Topcon Tierra is a web-based telematics service from Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) that makes any data you need onboard any piece of rolling stock available from a remote location. Conversely, what information you want an operator to see will be directly available on the vehicle on the job site regardless of location . . . local, regional, national, or globally.


Simply, Topcon Tierra has applications to fit any company™s needs and any job site location or circumstances, regardless of type of machines to be monitored, analog or digital. Tierra is the web portal through which all information flows in a timely, easy-to-learn and easier-to-understand and reliable format.


Imagine how your business would improve if you could remotely monitor and have at your fingertips information on security, maintenance, utilization, job costing and productivity?


Mark Bittner, senior vice president of TPS telematics, said, The word ˜revolutionary™ is overused but not in this case. The Topcon Tierra system provides seamless, customized data transfer from and to in-field equipment. The data transfer occurs in the background environment and requires absolutely no effort from the user.


It boils down to four key words, Bittner said: Anyone. Anywhere. Anything. Anytime. 


Remote location or remote office, it makes do difference. With Internet connectivity, you see working machines on the job site in a wide variety of ways and get information that is important to creating the maximum productivity from your heavy iron.


The wireless telematics service provided by Topcon, Bittner said, introduces a unique on-site job management system that provides a choice of four hardware setups, real-time monitoring of dashboard information, bidirectional cellular or satellite communications, the largest data warehouse and mining system in the industry and security that is guaranteed.


Topcon Tierra also provides an array of advanced analyses designed to provide the most meticulous data to companies interested in maximizing productivity and drastically reducing unexpected and unnecessary equipment maintenance.


Bittner also said, In addition, Topcon Tierra has an industry-leading component to prevent theft of valuable equipment, real-time video streaming or cached chips recordings of machines on the job site, plus a schedule of reports that is unparalleled in the construction market.


He said, Set any competing telematics systems side-by-side and it™s easy to see what makes Topcon Tierra a superior remote job site management system in every way.  Topcon Tierra was built from the ground up for the construction industry, your industry unlike competitive systems designed for local delivery applications.


Simply put, Topcon™s system lets you monitor every piece of equipment regardless of location, regardless of make or model. And it provides you with instant documentation on the job site information you want to receive.


Main features of Topcon Tierra

Topcon Tierra is a web-based remote asset management system that provides the industry™s largest information-gathering, storage and retrieval telematics system.


Machine Control/Dashboard

Each vehicle selected for monitoring has a wireless device installed that feeds constant data into a central database. In turn, the in-vehicle information device receives information from the central database.


Each piece of job site machinery regardless of location can be shown on customized maps (local to global). CANbus data streaming provides a steady and reliable stream of information (standard or customized to the individual business needs). Fuel levels, engine hours, oil pressure, idle time, machines in need of maintenance . . . all are monitored and available for instant review.


A reproduction of the instrument panel of each machine can be configured.


Individual warning thresholds can be set so alarms sound at predetermined levels.



The remote diagnostic module makes available information on the exact condition of each vehicle and its components from a remote location. Periodic reports are available about status of individual machines and maintenance needs, to lower idle and downtime and increase efficiency and productivity.



Comparison of vehicle and operator performance is a key element of Topcon Tierra, which provides a set of basic reports: path run, engine-on time, productivity, medium, minimum or maximum telemetry status. Customized reports can be easily added.



The system allows users to see vehicle run-paths on maps via visible trails. It also allows setting select time periods to coincide with different operators or different job site tasks.


Open Database

Users have complete machine data control. Reports can be exported to an Excel file or an external database. The structure can be configured to be shared with third parties as required.



Create or import way points and operation areas. When a machine goes outside the designated area, an alarm sounds, and an automatic email or text message is sent to an authorized user list.



Users can reproduce real-time video steaming or cached chips recording on-site and stored.


Information on Topcon Tierra is available at:



About Topcon Positioning Systems:  Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc., (TPS) designs and manufactures precise positioning products and solutions for the global surveying, construction, agriculture, civil engineering, mapping and GIS, asset management and mobile control markets. The company has worldwide employee operations and dealer networks. Topcon Corporation was founded in 1932. It is the parent company of TPS and is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (7732). 

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