AccuGradeTM V10.8 Software Upgrade

Caterpillar announces the release of AccuGrade TM CD700 V10.8 software with availability in late March 2008.

The CD700 V10.8 software provides support for the HEX ARO and 613G Wheel Tractor-Scraper. The HEX ARO uses potentiometers for the boom and stick measurements, plus a position sensing bucket cylinder (PSC) for instaneous bucket cylinder length measurements.

The next generation AccuGrade Attachement Ready Option (ARO) integrates the critical sensors with the machine right out of the factory. The ARO incorporates the use of advanced Position Sensing Cylinder (PSC) technology as well as heavy-duty sensors. With the PSC, the AccuGrade system is able to gather the current cylinder length and determine the current position of the bucket tip in real time. The PSC also removes the front linkage sensors from the traditional high wear areas such as the bucket linkage, and places them safely inside the bucket cylinder for increased integration, responsiveness and reliability. All wiring and necessary welded brackets fraction of the time required by competitive systems. Caterpillar® continues to support all machine models currently supported by our V10.7 software.

The software also supports the 613G Wheel Tractor-Scraper featuring a single GPS receiver and cross slope AccuGrade configuration. Using the MS990C GPS receiver in combination with the AS400C angle sensor, the AccuGrade system provides “indicate” 3D guidance to the left and similar look and feel to other machine types supported by the AccuGrade CD700 display ensuring minimal training and overall ease of opertion.

Machines on display at ConExpo 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada feature AccuGrade technology products.

For more information about the 307D, 308D CR SB mini hydraulic excavators , customers should contact their local Cat ® dealeror visit

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