TULSA, Okla. February 3, 2009 Alignment work is easier than ever thanks to the green laser technology of the new Hilti PR 26 Rotating Laser. The revolutionary green laser greatly improves visibility in indoor applications compared to standard red lasers and outperforms other green beam lasers. A new built-in alignment system improves productivity, and the reliable construction helps ensure that the PR 26 will be ready for work for years to come.

Depending on the intensity of ambient light, the PR 26 is four times more visible to the human eye than other class III laser, greatly improving productivity large buildings with significant distance between walls ” the PR 26 has a range up to 650 feet with the laser receiver. While contractors in the past would have to continuously stop working to move a laser closer to their work areas and realign it, the green laser of the Hilti PR 26 maintains its visibility so that contractors can keep working, enhancing productivity.

The green laser isn™t the only revolutionary technology on the PR 26. Productivity is also enhanced through the Auto Alignment System with remote control. The rotation alignment function is available, and the remote control doubles as a laser receiver to save time and reduce labor costs. The tool™s built-in line function allows the user™s hands to remain free for other tasks once the rotating laser is set to the right height.

The PR 26 delivers on productivity and durability to fit jobsite environments. Each standard tool comes with a rechargeable battery pack and charger to provide each customer 22 hours of continuous working time per full charge. Along with a housing that helps protect the unit from dust and water spray, a built-in shock warning system reduces the potential for off level measurements should the laser get knocked off level. Rated for use between -20° and 45° C (-4° to 122° F), the laser provides reliable, accurate service on the jobsite all year round.

Convenient accessories for the PR 26 include a finely adjustable wall bracket that allows the height of the rotating laser to be accurately set to the millimeter. The PR 26 also fits on Hilti and competitive tripods. When mounted in the wall bracket or on the tripod, the PR 26 allows many jobs to be handled by one person using the remote control as a laser receiver.

Hilti lasers are dedicated to precision accuracy and, even with Hilti™s built-in protection features, such instruments can be affected over time by everyday use and more. The PR 26 is backed by Hilti Calibration Service to provide reliability and accuracy. The PR 26 will be calibrated and adjusted as needed, with the calibration confirmed in writing for professional assurance. The PR 26 is also covered by Hilti™s Lifetime Service, a unique service agreement that includes two years of no-cost coverage.

For more information on the Hilti PR 26 Rotating Laser or other Hilti tools, please contact Hilti Customer Service. From the U.S., call Hilti, Inc., at 1-800-879-8000 or visit; from Canada, call Hilti (Canada) Corporation at 1-800-363-4458 or visit  

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