Stellar Introduces 6620 Utility Crane Package

Stellar Industries announces the release of the 6620 Utility Crane Package, which brings new features to the electric utility industry, such as a standard radio remote control, hexagonal boom design, and full hydraulic reach.

The service crane portion of the Utility Package includes the Stellar 6620 Utility Crane, which is based on the Stellar 6620 mechanic service crane. The Stellar 6620 Utility Crane features a standard radio remote control, 20-foot of hydraulic reach, hexagonal booms, planetary hydraulic winch and a 1000 lb capacity hydraulic capstan which mounted at the boom tip.

The Stellar 6620 Utility Crane is designed to help utility crews place pad transformers, and pull underground cable from a suburban or rural home to the pad transformer. The Stellar capstan winch, that is mounted at the end of the boom, can be extended to 20″ and rotate with the crane to allow for ideal pulling angles.

Stellar Industries has acailable 12-foot and 14-foot custom utility service bodies based on its industry leading full-length torsion box understructure and the Torq-Isolator crane compartment. Theis ensures that all forces from the crane are transferred to the chassis frame and not through the body compartments. Compartments of different sizes are available to meet customer needs. Stellar also offers an array of accessories such as American Eagle truck-mounted compressors and custom drawer units, rotating or fixed reel stands, welders, lubrication skids, and many other options to complete the package.

Stellar Industries, Inc. was founded in 1990 in Garner, Iowa. It is an employee owned and operated manufacturer of hydraulic truck mounted equipment. Products include hooklift hoists, cable hoists, compactors, container carriers, telescopic cranes, articulating cranes, work truck accessories and the X-Tra-Lift pick-up loading device. Stellar also offers complete mechanic service truck packages and tire truck packages. Stellar is a progressive company that focuses on its people, as they are the key to making the products and the company successful. For more information regarding Stellar Industries., visit, or call 1-800-321-3741

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