IMT Revamps Articulating Cranes Product Line

GARNER, Iowa (June 17, 2009) Iowa Mold Tooling Co. Inc. (IMT), an Oshkosh Corporation company (NYSE:OSK), announces a new and improved articulating crane product line to provide options for each customer™s lift and reach needs. Seventeen of the company™s 22 articulating crane offerings are new or improved, with lift capacities ranging from 1,740 pounds (790 kg) to 35,405 pounds (16,060 kg) maximum rating at a radius of 14²5³.


We have added new models and reclassified many of our current models to better reflect their capabilities for matching our customers™ particular needs, said Steve Fairbanks, president of IMT. We recognize that the customer wants as many crane choices as possible, and we also affirmed our customer commitment by soliciting input and incorporating many of their suggestions into our new designs.


One of the most significant changes to the lineup is the addition of eight mid-range cranes with SL (single link) or DL (dual link) configurations. The different options offer customers distinct advantages depending on their specific lifting needs.


Single Power Plus Link Arm System:

  • Provides high lifting capacity when the boom system is fully extended.

  • Offers great strength, regular speed and flexibility in the outer boom combined with high speed in the main boom™s extreme positions at the column.

  • Features high speed in extreme positions at the column, which makes the boom system ideal for fast-grab work.


Dual Power Plus Link Arm System:

  • Offers the best lifting capacities under almost any working condition.

  • Provides precise and regular movements in the entire working area.

  • Is particularly well-suited for long reaches and lifting in high positions with demanding equipment (such as fly-jib and winch).

Another new feature is over-bending, which means the working area between the main boom and the jib is no less than 195°. Over-bending offers greater flexibility when working through narrow passages and under overhead power lines, the ability to lift maximum loads in all boom positions, and a lower total height when the crane is stowed on the truck body.


A key safety feature, available on all crane models, is the Rated Capacity Limiter (RCL).
Mid-range and larger cranes are available with the newest generation RCL 5300. The RCL system monitors the crane™s load moment, operation and function. In an overload situation, the system warns the operator and interrupts the distribution of oil for crane functions, while allowing functions that reduce load moment to remain operational. The RCL 5300 cooperates with the user and compensates when the RCL senses a situation requiring intervention. The system not only monitors safety during crane operation but also crane position during transport (stabilizers and boom position).


These new models build on the successful product platform IMT already has in place, Fairbanks said. They maintain the high quality standards our cranes have been known for while elevating the technology.


Additional articulating crane features of the new models 13/88 through 24/169 include:

  • A new internal hose routing system.

  • An innovative, flexible stow bracket design that secures boom for transportation but does not allow bracket damage.

  • Minimized width that saves space on the overall platform length.


Additional features of all IMT articulating cranes include:

  • A strong hexagonal profile.

  • Load-holding valves on all load-bearing cylinders.

  • An extension system equipped with a regeneration valve to increase working speed.

  • Maximized ease of maintenance.

  • Ultra-high tensile steel, which provides lower weight, high lift capacity at long reach and increased payload capabilities.

  • High resale value and low maintenance costs.

  • Hydraulic extension retrofit capabilities.

About IMT

Iowa Mold Tooling Co., Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation [NYSE: OSK] company, began in 1961 as a business providing new tread designs for recapping tires. The company has grown to become the leading manufacturer and supplier of service vehicles, cranes, hydraulic loaders and air compressors for tire, mining, construction, material handling and utility markets around the world.

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