Light Range Platforms

With relatively few basic components, it is possible to assemble a number of very different machines. Using the same mast and ground frame, a range of mast climbing work platforms and transport platforms can be configured. The entire range uses the same rack and pinion size and the HEK TPL drive unit is fitted with a Variable Frequency Converter, VFC.

The advantages of VFC:

  • Soft stop and start: accelerating start and decelerating landing speed. Safe and comfortable for personnel, reduced risk of damage to the material
  • HEK TPL operate worldwide on any Electricity supply, irrespective of voltage or frequency.
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lighter fusing
  • By using identical components for the entire range, you enjoy savings in terms of stock control, storage and costs.


There are several components which are interchangeable between the HEK L-350 and the HEK M-450 range. The following components of the transport platforms can be used in both ranges:

  • Platform sections
  • Fences (this also applies to the mast climbing work)
  • Entrance doors
  • All types of exit ramps
  • Anchors (except mast couplers)
  • Mast rack and drive pinions
  • Control panel
  • Motor gear box
  • VFC
  • Dynamic overload
  • Fail safe brake
  • Control panel connectors

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