Las Vegas (March 11, 2008) Terex® Comedil has just launched a new range of Flat Top tower cranes, the medium CTT series. This series, placed in between the already successful city and the big series, was created with the production of the CTT 231 (10 e 12 t), showcased at the 2008 ConExpo/Con-Agg Show in Las Vegas, and will shortly be increased by the introduction of new tower crane models.


The CTT 231 has a wide range of mechanical and configuration jib options making it possible to be assembled with a maximum jib of 70 m and a minimum jib of 30 m and with the possibility to use 5m jib sections.


The CTT 231 is a versatile machine, suitable for constructing both small buildings in open spaces and for constructing big buildings reaching considerable free standing heights with steel cables and speed of winch compatible with today™s construction needs.


It has high performance levels that guarantee excellent operations. The jib point capacity is of 2.1t with maximum capacity of 10 t – 12 t. In addition the CTT 231 has a very competitive load diagram that decreases significantly less compared to cranes with the same features. During the design of the CTT 231 particular focus was placed on the safety of each element of the crane.


The main components are:


  • UnderCarriage 6 x 6 m TS23: Composed by a cross-shaped structure that allows faster assembly of the elements connected to each other with pins. A new base ballast of 5.6t with lifting points placed at an angle which makes handling more practical. The undercarriage is also equipped with a non-slip access platform plate with a high anti-fall border making access comfortable and safe.

  • Tower TS23 24.6: Solid and fast installation connection with two M72 bolts at each corner. The bolts holder allows practical and fast assembly operations. The tower is also equipped with a new aluminium ladder. 

  • Slewing unit: The safety rails are around the entire slewing unit zone and the electrical box is positioned completely out of the passage. The slewing unit is equipped with two direct current motors which guarantee slewing speed and precision of movements.

  • Cab section: The main elements are connected by pins. The cab section is fitted with a protective cover, a security manhole cover and pins assembling platforms.

  • Counterjib: Fitted with regulation of the tie rods making faster and safer all the assembling operations, a mobile security manhole cover and non-slip platforms. The counterjib is equipped with winches up to 60 kw.

  • Jib section 01/02: With a joining support pin, footrest rung and non-slip platforms.

  • Jib TT15 03/11: Equipped with safety rails and non-slip platforms. Only one lifting operation is needed for overhead jib assembly (the entire upper part can be assembled with just four operations) making it easier, faster and profitable. A new designed safety steel rope (EN795) which ensures safety to the operators during the crane assembly and maintenance phase.


Electronic solutions included in the CTT 231 are:


  • ICS software (integrated control system) with operating colour touch screen data setting panel and a new graphic interface;

  • New diagnostics signals;

  • New movement load positioning function through the push-button joystick; if it is pressed the 1° and the 2° load lifting/lowering speed are halved;

  • Wind speed indicator with warning light.


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