TA10 Gives Construction Sites a Lift

January 2009, Winona, MN. Thern Inc.™s latest addition to its popular BIG RED air winch line is ready for action. Representing the next generation of air tugger, the TA10 is set to give contractors and iron workers a serious lift on the construction site.


With rugged, solid steel frame construction, the TA10 air winch is the perfect alternative to conventional electric on-site lifting systems. Contractors can lift and pull loads of steel, tools, and other materials without requiring on-site electrical connections for operation.


Redesigned for improved performance, the TA10 offers improved load handling capacity in a lighter weight unit. Incorporating a high capacity air motor, the TA10 offers an impressive first layer load rating of 37,000 lbs and 21,800 lb full drum rating. The TA10 also has an impressive 34 fpm maximum line speed.


Operators gain a superior level of convenience and worksite versatility with the TA10; it is fully reversible to run line in either direction, better suiting customer requirements. The sensitive control valve also provides the accurate load control required for precision lifts.


We have received a lot of positive feedback from customers concerning the sensitivity of the control valve and overall performance, says Scott Thelen, Thern™s Sales Manager. They really appreciate these units in the field.


Celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2008, Thern, Inc. is a major designer and manufacturer of winches, cranes and hoists for a wide variety of construction and industrial applications. Founded in 1948, Thern is headquartered in Winona, MN and markets its products worldwide. Learn more about Thern products at https://thern.com/ or contact us via email at [email protected] or call 1-800-843-7648.


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