New 938H Wheel Loader and IT38H Integrated Toolcarrier Deliver High Performance with New Engine, Differential Lock and Advanced Hydraulics Technology

The new Caterpillar® 938H wheel loader and IT38H with integrated toolcarrier linkage feature the Cat® C6.6 engine with ACERT® Technology for responsive power and low emissions. The new engine, differential lock system, load sensing hydraulics and increased lift and tilt forces deliver high performance in digging and material handling applications while limiting engine emissions to meet US EPA Tier 3 off-highway emissions regulations and worldwide emissions standards.

The loaders also have new features that aid machine health monitoring and service. The in-cab Messenger display provides real time machine performance, engine and diagnostic data to help maximize productivity and component life. The hydraulic and electrical service centers group service points and offer easy access from ground level to limit service downtime. Cat Product Link is standard on the new loaders. The system provides two-way information flow between the machine and Caterpillar dealer and to the owner™s desktop computer through the online dealer storefront.

The 938H and IT38H have a new axle with standard front differential lock or an optional, automatic differential lock for both front and rear. Fully locking differentials on both front and rear is exclusive to Caterpillar among all competitors. Differential lock replaces limited slip and offers the advantage of reduced fuel consumption and less heat generated in the axle while delivering improved traction and reduced tire wear. The automatic differential lock monitors machine operation and locks during the dig cycle and when tires slip. Both manual and automatic differential lock can engage on the go.

The 938H retains the traditional Z-Bar linkage for excellent bucket loading and optimum durability in digging applications. The IT38H features integrated toolcarrier linkage, which is designed for expanded versatility. It has parallel lift for pallet fork use and other material handling tasks. It is ideally suited for applications where different jobs are performed with one machine using a variety of work tools, such as a bucket, pallet forks and a material handling arm. A quick coupler that can be activated from within the cab is available for fast work tool changes. And for expanded versatility, the modular hydraulic valve design allows field retrofit of third and fourth functions for operating hydro mechanical work tools, such as rotary brooms.

The 938H and IT38H build on the productive G-Series machines, the 938G II and IT38G II, which the new loaders replace. Both new machines have net engine power of 180 horsepower (134 kW) with peak engine power maintained through a broader engine speed range as compared to the previous models”about 8 percent more power at 2100 rpm. Bucket capacities range from 3.0 to 3.9 cubic yards (2.3-3.0 cu m) for the 938H and up to 3.0-7.0 cu yd (2.3-5.4 cu m) for the IT38H in low-density bulk material handling applications.

Responsive, low-emissions engine
The Cat C6.6 diesel engine has displacement of 6.6 liters and is an inline six cylinder. It provides cleaner, quieter operation while delivering superior performance and durability. The C6.6 also has a flat and long peak power curve for quick response in the working rpm range.

At the heart of the patented ACERT Technology is the ADEMTM A4 advanced electronic controller. It integrates and controls engine functions and combines with the common rail fuel system, smart waste gate turbocharger and crossflow head design for precise fuel and air delivery, which contributes to reduced emissions and strong engine performance. For enhanced fuel economy, the new loaders have the Caterpillar Engine Idle Management System, which maximizes fuel efficiency and provides flexibility in managing idle speeds for specific application requirements.

The engine also has features to reduce maintenance requirements and increase uptime. Oil change intervals are 500 hours. The electric fuel-priming pump eases maintenance. All regular service points are accessible from ground level on the right side of the engine.

Efficient hydraulics
Each of the loaders employs a load-sensing, variable flow hydraulic system that senses work demand and adjusts flow and pressure to match. It enables full hydraulic forces at any engine speed. The system delivers faster cycle times, with low operator effort and improved fuel efficiency.

Similarly, load-sensing steering and implement flow make more power available for rimpull and loader forces without requiring the attention of the operator. Hydraulic valving enables simultaneous lift and tilt for faster cycle times. The implement hydraulic valve design accommodates the optional Ride Control System, which cushions the lift arms to provide a comfortable ride and excellent material retention.

For more information about the new 938H and IT38 customers should contact their Cat dealer or visit the Caterpillar website at

Basic Specifications for 938H and IT38H

  938H IT38H
Engine model Cat C6.6 ACERT Cat C6.6 ACERT
Net power (ISO) 180 hp (134 kW) 180 hp (134 kW)
Bucket capacity 3.0-3.9 cu yd (2.3-3.0 cu m) 3.0-7.0 cu yd (2.3-5.4 cu m)
Operating weight 34,125 lb (15 476 kg) 36,016 lb (16 334 kg)
Full turn statictipping load 22,418 lb (10 167 kg) 21,269 lb (9646 kg)
Breakout force 27,675 lb (123 kN) 28,350 lb (126 kN)
Dump height at 45° 8 ft 10 in. (2696 mm) 9 ft 2 in. (2805 mm)

938H equipped with Universal 3.7 cu yd (2.8 cu m) bucket with bolt on cutting edge.

IT38H equipped with 3.3 cu yd (2.5 cu m) quick coupler material handling bucket with bolt on cutting edge.

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