New Caterpillar® D-Series Track Loaders Deliver Increased Productivity, Enhanced Machine Control and Easier Service

The new Caterpillar® 953D and 963D track loaders incorporate technological advancements and proven designs to deliver more production with lower operating costs. Each of the versatile machines features a new fuel efficient engine with more power, a new load sensing hydraulics implement system and electro-hydraulic implement controls, responsive hydrostatic drive system, and a new sealed and pressurized cab that tilts for service access. Sleek new styling sets the machines apart.

The 953D and 963D track-type loaders are powered by the Cat® C6.6 ACERT Technology engine that delivers 148 hp (110 kW) in the 953D and 189 hp (141 kW) in the 963D. Power is up by more than 15 percent in the 953D and more than 25 percent in the 963D when compared to the C-Series models that the new machines replace. The track loaders work productively in a wide range of tasks required in general and building construction, solid waste handling, demolition and industrial applications.

Responsive engine, hydraulic demand fan
The 6.6-liter six-cylinder engine uses ACERT Technology, a series of Caterpillar engineered innovations that provide advanced electronic control, precise fuel delivery and refined air management, resulting in outstanding performance and lower emissions. Engine emissions meet US EPA Tier III standards.

The engine delivers constant net power; it automatically adjusts its power output if the fan or the air-conditioning is running at full performance. It always delivers maximum net power to implement and drive train systems.

For optimum cooling performance, lower sound levels and improved fuel economy, the D-series track-type loaders are equipped with a hydraulic demand fan, which automatically adjusts fan speed. An optional reversible fan is available for purging dust and debris in adverse environments.

Load sensing hydraulics and electro-hydraulic implement controls
The 953D and 963D feature a completely new load sensing electro-hydraulic implement system. The implement pump provides only the required flow to the work tool and lift arms”allowing more power for the tracks when needed and increasing fuel efficiency. The new electro-hydraulic implement controls provide the operator with responsive, smooth and precise control. Choice of a joystick or two-lever control is available for bucket lift and dump.

The lift and bucket cylinders are all equipped with position sensors. These allow the operator to set bucket kick-outs and lift kick-outs directly from the cab with a switch. End of cylinder travel snubbing smoothes cylinder travel deceleration to minimize shocks to the operator and the whole machine.

Responsive hydrostatic drive train
The electronically controlled hydrostatic drive provides quick response for shorter cycle times, increased productivity and reduced fuel consumption. It automatically matches machine travel speed to the combined travel and implement loads on the machine, enabling maximum travel speed, up to the speed selected by the operator.

The hydrostatic drive train also offers independent power and control of each track, with fast acceleration, infinitely variable speeds, and automatic, on-the-go, direction changes for each track. The operator can command smooth turns or even counter-rotation of the tracks by simply pushing one of the steering pedals. The system manages itself, freeing the operator to do more productive work.

New cab for comfort and service access
The all-new cab is designed for operator comfort, convenience and good sight lines to the work area. In particular, the air-suspension seat, with a side-to-side isolator, is ergonomically designed, fully adjustable and vibration-isolated for maximum operator comfort and control. The seat-mounted electro-hydraulic controls provide less vibration for the operator, and they allow combined seat and controls adjustment. The cab is sealed and pressurized to maintain a clean, comfortable environment.

The new track loaders can be equipped with the Caterpillar Messenger system as an option. The electronic operator interface can display full text and machine health information, and it allows drive train and implement response adjustments.

For improved serviceability, the cab tilts forward to allow access to the drive train and to perform maintenance on the hydraulic system. Also, daily maintenance points are centralized on the right side of the machine for quick service.

For more information about the new 953D and 963D track loaders, customers should contact their Cat dealer or visit the Caterpillar web site at

Brief Specifications for 953D and 963D Track Loaders

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