Caterpillar Customizes 988H Wheel Loader for Stone Block Handling, Log Handling and Steel Mill Work


Caterpillar offers customized versions of the 988H wheel loader for efficient and reliable production in special applications”handling large blocks of stone in quarries, handling logs in millyards, and handling slag in steel mills. The versatile 988H wheel loader, with 501 net horsepower (373 kW) and about 110,000 pounds (50 000 kg) operating weight, provides the platform and the power for these special arrangements.

The 988H Block Handler Arrangement includes a special application linkage, larger tilt and lift cylinders, additional counterweight and modified third valve hydraulics for quick coupler operation. The high rimpull transmission, lock-up clutch torque converter and engine brake combine for enhanced productivity in steep slope applications. Special work tools are designed to work with the robust quick coupler. They include a breaker tine, block forks, a clearing rake, a rock bucket, a marble bucket and a heavy-duty block bucket.  The system provides a total solution for dimension stone quarries and processing facilities.

The 988H Log Loader Arrangement includes a special application linkage, larger tilt and lift cylinders, additional counterweight and third valve hydraulics for top clamp operation. A lock-up clutch torque converter and ride control are available to improve productivity and enhance operator comfort. Additionally, a trash resistant cooling system with an auto-reversing fan is available. The hinged fan assembly swings out for easier cleaning. Log loader work tools are logging forks”for unloading trucks”millyard forks, a woodchip bucket and full width forks.

 The 988H Steel Mill Arrangement is built for the demanding application of slag handling in steel mills. Special guarding and features enhance the durability and reliability of this machine. Custom guarding includes a front frame bottom guard, power train guard, steering cylinder guards, brake accumulator guards and Fyrejacket guarding for hydraulic lines.

The slag handler additionally features a parking brake override system, transmission override control in the cab, transmission dipstick replacing the sight gauge, steel cable steps, and rubber-mounted cab glass for fast replacement. To complement this arrangement, an optional cooling package can be ordered for extreme operating conditions. This package consists of a swing-out fan, which allows good access for cleaning, and high ambient cooling for operating in high temperatures.

For additional information about custom arrangements of the 988H and other Caterpillar® machines, customers should contact their local Caterpillar dealer or visit the Cat website at

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