Cat 988H Wheel Loader New Proprietary Fuel Management System Offers Customers a Reduction in Owning and Operating Cost

Updated Jan 31, 2010

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Save up to 15% on fuel costs and reduce environmental impact with minimal production loss.)
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 With the continued watch on price of fuel and customer™s requirements for optimized performance, Caterpillar® has a proprietary Fuel Management System on the 988H Wheel Loader.   The 988H Fuel Management System was found to have a 10%-15% fuel savings advantage over 988 machines without this system and with minimal changes to current productivity.


As history has shown the 988H is known for its leading performance but understanding the need to lower customer owning and operating cost, as well as allow customer application flexibility, Caterpillar has designed the 988H Fuel Management System to allow customers to choose three different modes, full power, balanced, or max fuel savings.   

 In full power mode, today™s current machine configuration, the 988H maintains full 2120 rpm power.  This mode makes no change to the machine and maintains the leading performance that the 988H has shown in this size class.  For customers, who™s main goal is production not fuel this is the setting for their application.


When the 988H is in balanced power mode, one of the new fuel saving modes available, the machine rpm is automatically set at 1800 for out of dig segments. This allows for maximum production while in the dig segment utilizing the full power of 2120 rpm and a reduction in engine rpm (1800 rpm) and pump flow when out of the dig segment.  This can slow cycle time of the machine down out of dig but has shown a fuel savings of up to 10%.  


For those customers wanting to substantially lower fuel cost, when production is not a major factor, max fuel savings is the mode to choose.  Operators switch the fuel management switch to max fuel savings, which puts the machine into a 1700 rpm range and reduces pump flow while outside the dig segment. In the dig segment, like the balanced power the machine maintains full rpm (2120) and pump flow.


To set any of these modes, the operator simply selects one of three settings from a switch on the implement pod inside the cab and then operates the machine as they would today.



The fuel savings comes from everything out of the dig cycle, travel loaded, dump and travel empty. At this point, the machine automatically reduces rpm and hydraulic flow, achieving a more balanced throttle and pump flow – – maximum efficiency. This

allows the customer a good balanceÂť of productivity and lowered fuel cost.


The Max Fuel Savings are ideal for customer looking to minimize O&O costs but who do not need the full production of the 988.


For additional information about the 988H wheel loader, customers should contact their local Caterpillar dealer or visit the Cat web site at



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