Front End Loaders With Award Winning Innovation

Excellence Is Something To Which We Aspire
The American Society of Agricultural Engineers
has awarded Leon™s patented Accurate Self Levelling (ASL) system the coveted AE50 Innovation Award for products that best advance engineering for food and agricultural industries.

Accurate Self-Leveling System (ASL) means that every LEON Front-End Loader bucket will remain at a set angle throughout the entire movement range of the loader™s lift arms. Just set the angle and it will stay at that exact position from the lowest to the highest lift points. From the bottom to the middle to the very top, the set angle will stay at exactly the same angle.

No bumping ever again. With a greater range of tilt movement, from 40 degrees in the rollback angle to 100 degrees dump angle, from top to bottom it means less spillage, and great dump removal! The high dump angle means a straight drop.  

There™s more
Our Innovative Technology and design has been applied to a series of accessories to function with the same ASL capability.

You will now find our patented ASL Technology on Leon:

  • Industrial, construction and large buckets
  • Grapple forks
  • Bale spears
  • Pallet forks
  • Bucket tines
  • And more…

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