Three New Caterpillar® H-Series Small Wheel Loaders Deliver Expanded Versatility and Responsive Power

Three new Caterpillar H-Series small wheel loaders”the 924H, 928Hz and 930H”feature the Cat® C6.6 engine with ACERT® Technology for responsive power and low emissions. The 924H and 930H also feature VersaLink loader linkage, which combines Integrated Toolcarrier versatility and parallel lift with superior speed and force. For expanded versatility, the two loaders now have standard third function hydraulics for operating hydromechanical tools. The 928Hz retains the traditional Z-Bar linkage for excellent bucket loading. Compared to the previous model, it has 4 percent more engine power for high productivity in demanding tasks.

All three loaders also feature the H-Series cab and operator station, designed for easy access and egress and for efficient operation throughout an entire shift. The H-Series loaders also have new heavy-duty hydraulic coolers and brushless alternators for enhanced reliability and extended durability.

The 924H has net engine power of 128 horsepower (96 kW), and both the 928Hz and 930H have net engine power of 149 horsepower (111 kW). General purpose bucket capacities for the three loaders range from 2.2 cubic yards (1.7 cubic meters) to 3.25 cubic yards (2.5 cubic meters). The new loaders replace G-Series loaders”924G, 928Gz and 930G.      

Responsive, low-emissions engine
The Cat C6.6 diesel engine has displacement of 403 cubic inches (6.6 liters) and is an inline six cylinder. It provides cleaner, quieter operation while delivering superior performance and durability. The engine meets US EPA Tier 3 off-highway emissions regulations and worldwide emissions standards. The C6.6 also has a flatter power curve for quick response in the working rpm range, and noise reduction technologies create as much as a 5-decibel reduction compared to previous models.

At the heart of the patented ACERT Technology is the ADEM A4 advanced electronic controller. It integrates and controls engine functions and combines with the common rail fuel system, smart waste gate turbocharger and crossflow head design for precise fuel and air delivery for reduced emissions and strong engine performance.

The engine also has features to reduce maintenance requirements and increase uptime. Oil change intervals are 500 hours. The self-tensioning serpentine belt is reliable, and the electric fuel priming pump eases maintenance. All regular service points are accessible from ground level on the right side of the engine.

Loader linkage and hydraulics
The VersaLink loader linkage on the 924H and 930H is designed to maximize performance in a variety of applications. It produces strong breakout forces and good bucket fill factors while giving the operator unobstructed visibility to critical areas such as the bucket corners or forks for more productive material and pallet handling.

Both VersaLink machines can be equipped with an optional Quick Coupler that allows fast and easy work tool changes for optimum utilization and versatility.  For dedicated applications the machines can be equipped with pin-on work tools, such as a bucket or fork with top clamp. This provides exceptional breakout force, tipping load and dump height for fast cycle times. High Lift VersaLink options are available for special applications that require more reach and lift height.

Both the 924H and 930H have an optional adjustable flow third function hydraulics system to optimize work tool performance. It provides proportional control of work tools to match power to application speed. To expand versatility even further, an optional fourth valve is available on all models, and fifth and sixth hydraulics are available on the 930H. Fifth and sixth function hydraulics enable use of a fully adjustable snow blade and wing as well as a variety of other hydromechanical work tools.

The VersaLink loaders employ a load-sensing, variable flow hydraulic system that senses work demand and adjusts flow and pressure to match. It enables full hydraulic forces at any engine speed for delicate jobs in tight areas. It is designed to provide faster cycle times, with low operator effort and improved fuel efficiency.

Similarly, load-sensing steering makes more power available for rimpull and loader forces without requiring the attention of the operator.

Operator comfort and efficiency
The H-Series small wheel loaders feature a new ladder with wider and deeper serrated steps and new door handles for easier access and egress from either side of the new H-Series cab. The cab is quiet, roomy and well ventilated to increase operator comfort and productivity. The cab includes a sealed instrument panel with easy-to-read white-faced gauges and complete warning, indicator and diagnostic functions.

A single, low-effort joystick for lift and tilt functions also integrates directional and transmission control for reduced operator fatigue. An optional joystick combines lift and tilt functions with third function auxiliary hydraulic controls. This allows the operator to maintain control of the loader linkage while operating hydromechanical tools such as buckets with top clamps.

The 930H is available with QuickSteer mode, which enables higher productivity and efficiency with less operator fatigue when loading trucks. QuickSteer allows full articulation by turning the steering wheel only 50 degrees.

The optional Ride Control System cushions bucket loads and provides a comfortable ride and excellent material retention. Four nitrogen charged accumulators set to different pressures enable optimum cushioning over uneven terrain. The system operates automatically. An optional rear view camera uses a closed circuit video monitoring system. As many as three cameras can be mounted on the machine frame. Objects can be viewed on a color LCD monitor in the cab.

The 930H and 928Hz can be equipped with log skidder tires for improved traction and soft underfoot conditions. Underground utility contractors often use such a configuration. New wide fork carriages suitable for handling pipe and a new multi purpose bucket will be available with the skidder tire configuration. 

For more information about the new H-Series small wheel loaders, customers should contact their Cat dealer or visit the Caterpillar website at

Basic Specifications for 924H, 928Hz and 930H Wheel Loaders





Engine model

Cat C6.6 ACERT

Cat C6.6 ACERT

Cat C66.4 ACERT

Net power

128 hp (96 kW)

149 hp (111 kW)

149 hp (111 kW)

Bucket capacity (GP)

2.4-2.75 cu yd
 (1.8-2.1 cu m)

2.6-3.0 cu yd
(2.0-2.3 cu m)

2.75-3.25 cu yd
(2.1-2.5 cu m)

Operating weight

25,644 lb (11 632 kg)

27,699 lb (12 564 kg)

28,725 lb (13 029 kg)

Full turn static tip load

16,041 lb (7276 kg)

19,089 lb (8658 kg)

18,321 lb (8310 kg)

Breakout force

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