Charlotte, NC The company known for its big ideas in small graders recently announced really big news with the establishment of Champion Financial Services. Gary Abernathy, President of Champion Motor Graders made the announcement.  We had a number of requests for this kind of product offering, however, we needed to find the right organization to work with,Âť said Abernathy.


Champion Financial Services teamed up with TCF Equipment Finance, Inc. (TCFEFÂť) to meet the growing needs of their customers. Often, according to Abernathy, customers had to explain what a motor grader was to a banker and why a new one would be an important acquisition for their company. By working through TCFEF they speak their language. Together, we can make the purchasing process much easier and less stressful. As well, by having the resources of TCFEF behind us, we have the right combination of business skills, personality and understanding for our business.Âť


TCFEF™s North Carolina Representative Shane Gest indicated that Champion was familiar to them. We have a number of Champion dealers who have used our services previously and they helped us understand the value in the machines. We like to work with companies that are market leaders and look forward to working with Champion™s dealers and customers.


Bryan Abernathy, Vice President Sales & Marketing of Champion Motor Graders indicated to the Champion dealers that through Champion Financial Services, his dealers would also have the necessary tools to assist their customers. Furthermore, depending upon the contractor™s personal situation and his operation™s cash flow position, Champion Financial Services offers the complete package. Our customers can choose from a complete menu of financing or leasing options including a Fair Market Value (FMV) Lease, First Amendment Lease, Lease Purchase/Finance Lease, Operating Leases, Tax Leases, only to name a few. According to Abernathy, Thinking big for our customers is what we do best.


About Champion

One of the oldest names in the equipment industry, Champion Motor Graders has specialized in the development of compact graders and attachments for over 25 years.  Champion engineering and manufacturing, based in Charlotte, NC, are dedicated to the production of compact machines that assure customers of the same productivity and quality standards they expect from the best in full-size construction machinery.


The Champion line-up now includes seven basic models with operating weights from 12,800 to 24,000 lbs., featuring the full range of single-axle, tandem and all-wheel 4Ă—4 and 6Ă—6 drive systems. Champion continues to develop a growing range of specialized equipment for the road maintenance and paving industry.


The Attachments Idea Book
Landscapers use a variety of attachments for doing everything from snow removal to jobsite cleanup, and regardless of how often they are used, every landscaper has a favorite attachment.
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