LeeBoy 685B Motor Grader Features Versatility and Maneuverability

Powered by a 100-HP CAT diesel engine and hydrostatic drive system, the LeeBoy 685B Motor Grader offers agencies and contractors a versatile and highly maneuverable motor grader for multiple roadway and job site applications.


The LeeBoy 685B Motor Grader features a 10-foot sliding and tilting moldboard with a total sideshift reach of 36 inches, allowing the operator to shift the blade in or out of hard to reach areas. Its 16,000-pound weight, scarifier and optional front blade provide all the tools for precision grading at low speeds. The 685B Motor Grader offers 18-degree articulation for enhanced maneuverability and features LeeBoy™s exclusive enclosed turntable design to prevent wear from dirt and moisture.

The optional climate-controlled cab makes the LeeBoy 685B Motor Grader a year-round, versatile workhorse delivering operator comfort, control ease, productivity and trouble-free operation.


LeeBoy also offers the 47-hp 635 Motor Grader, featuring exceptional maneuverability and an 8-foot sliding moldboard. The heavier 130-hp 785 Motor Grader weighs in at 25,000 pounds and features a 12-foot sliding moldboard and articulating frame.


LeeBoy 685B Motor Grader Features

  • 100-HP CAT Turbo Engine

  • 16,000-Pound Operating Weight

  • 10-Foot Sliding and Tilting Moldboard

  • Two-Speed Hydrostatic Transmission

  • Articulated Frame

  • Tandem Drive

  • Fail Safe Braking

  • Mid-Mount Scarifier

  • All-Season Enclosed Cab Option

  • Front Wheel Assist Option
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