Caterpillar Introduces Larger Capacity 740 Articulated Truck

Caterpillar introduces the 740 articulated truck with expanded capacity”now 43.5 tons (39.5 metric tons), the biggest payload of all the 40-ton size class articulated trucks. Expanded capacity enables greater productivity and lower cost per ton in high volume earthmoving applications. The expanded capacity truck body handles 31.4 cubic yards (24 cubic meters).

The 740 with expanded capacity features differential locks that can be engaged and disengaged on the go for faster cycle times in challenging underfoot conditions and on steep grades. The 740 delivers excellent flotation and traction to haul efficiently in difficult terrain. The 740 with expanded capacity maintains the Cat® articulated truck world class ride comfort, which also contributes to faster cycle times.

A Cat C15 engine with ACERT® Technology powers the truck and delivers 453 net horsepower (338 kW) while optimizing fuel efficiency to get more work done per unit of fuel. The responsive engine employs advanced intake air management and precise combustion control to meet exhaust emissions regulatory requirements”U.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage IIIa”without the exhaust gas recirculation system used on competitive engines.

Productive drive train and suspension
The 7-speed automatic transmission features individual clutch modulation to ensure constant shift times even when the oil is cold. Controlled throttle shifting reduces power train stress and clutch wear by coordinating engine speed, torque converter lock-up and transmission clutch engagements.

The differential locks on the 740 articulated truck features oil-cooled clutch disc plates for reliable and durable operation. The operator simply chooses a level of lock-up using the dash switch and activates the system via a foot button. There is no need to stop the truck before engaging or disengaging either of the two lock-up modes.

The Cat designed oil over nitrogen front suspension system is built to last and protect the frame from shock loads. The three-point front suspension oscillates plus and minus 6 degrees to provide a smooth ride, allowing the operator to travel at speed over rough terrain and softening impact loads on structures and components. Superior ride quality allows the operator to feel confident at high speed and ultimately results in better productivity.

The latest rear suspension blocks are designed and built by Caterpillar, and the mounts have as much as five times the life of previous designs. Multi-plate, oil-immersed, enclosed brakes are fitted to both front and center axles. These brakes provide outstanding stopping capability while maintaining maximum durability.

The hitch is a unique two-piece design. A durable, cast steel head is bolted to a forged steel tube for long, trouble-free operation.

Built for comfort and serviceability
The spacious, center-mounted cab has both an operator seat and a forward-facing, full-size trainer seat to support proper and thorough training of entry-level operators. The operator seat is a fully adjustable air-suspension seat that offers an excellent ride and reduces fatigue over long workdays. The steering column telescopes and tilts to allow adjusting for the operator.

The low, sloping hood and placement of the cooling package behind the cab give the operator excellent all-around visibility. The large glass area and central operator position also aid the view of the work area.

The electrical system is robust and durable. The color-coded wires are stamped with circuit identification numbers. The harnesses are well supported throughout their lengths, and they feature heavy-duty Deutsch connectors and braiding for superior resistance to abrasion.

The 740 with expanded capacity is factory equipped with Cat Product Link. The system enables convenient remote monitoring and provides information to help keep jobs on schedule, maintain machine health and reduce owning and operating costs. For additional information, customers should contact their local Cat dealer or go to

Basic Specifications for 740 Expanded Capacity Articulated Truck


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