JCB offers three heavy-duty articulated dump trucks purpose built for the global quarrying, earthmoving, forestry and waste handling sectors.


The JCB 714, JCB 718 and JCB 722 models are highly manoeuvrable, capable of all-year-round operation and come with the additional benefit of being able to work on ground conditions with poor load supporting qualities.


The JCB 722 is the flagship model and features a patented front suspension system, which is self-levelling and provides the operator with a smooth and comfortable ride with minimum vibration. Its latest innovations are improved front-end styling and a larger radiator for warm climate operation.


An enhanced cooling pack featuring a larger radiator has been added to the 20 ton payload model for more effective cooling in markets with high temperature climates such as Africa, South America and the Middle East. The introduction of the wider radiator has effected a reshaped hood configuration providing more modern front end aesthetics.


It is an all terrain vehicle able to take the direct route to work location whether empty or fully laden. The machine™s on and off road capabilities enable it to work in the most extreme weather conditions where heavier machines would struggle, providing the owner with highest possible utilization.


This high manoeuvrability allows for easy positioning to load and unload and can be used with a variety of loading equipment from crawler excavators to wheeled loading shovels even in confined spaces. The rear body construction and machine power offered by the 722 means it is capable of handling virtually any type of material from rock to dirt to mud.


Other features of the machine include:

  • A 6-cylinder Engine providing 260 Hp (Gross).

  • A ZF smoothshift transmission with torque converter and 1.785 stall ratio with lock up.

  • ZF axles.

  • A 74 degree tip with 22 ton payload capacity.

  • Patented JCB Front suspension incorporating double acting struts with self-levelling control valves.

  • Intermediate and rear axle A-frames with rocking beam and suspension rubbers.


The JCB 714, 718 and 722 all feature an Electronic Monitoring System (EMS), which constantly monitors the machine™s performance and, in the unlikely event of a system failure, shuts the machine down, protecting both the operator and the machine.


The machines have top speeds of between 25 and 31 mph.  The 714 & 718 have selectable two to four wheeled drive. The 722 will be offered as a 6×6 configuration with a selectable longitudinal axle lock. All machines feature limited slip differentials as standard.

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