SPX® Announces Pegisys–A New Advanced Hand-held Diagnostic Tool Featuring Groundbreaking AirBridge Wireless Technology

Owatonna, MN ” August 4, 2008 ” SPX Service Solutions, today announced the launch of Pegisys (Professional Enhanced Graphical Information System), a brand new professional-grade hand-held diagnostic tool that offers game-changing wireless capabilities and next-generation diagnostic features for enhanced automotive testing. Pegisys further streamlines automotive testing by combining nearly three decades of vehicle coverage, access to Internet-based resources, a powerful Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a revolutionary wireless platform in one scan tool, thus offering technicians more freedom to work productively at the fender. Free from the conventional OBD connectors and cable tether, the technician can now access hard-to-reach computer-controlled components and move freely while scanning the vehicle from anywhere within a 30-foot radius.


Driving the wireless design trend is the fact that the technological challenges of providing next-generation diagnostic tool solutions center on productivity, power, process integration and performance, said Ed Lipscomb, OTC Senior Product Manager of Diagnostic Systems. Now that we™ve integrated a server-based communication process that directly connects to the Internet and offers an at the fender real-time diagnostic repair environment”automotive technicians can optimize the value and performance of their diagnostic systems.


Designed to give technicians more freedom to work productively at the fender, Pegisys integrates 27 years of vehicle coverage (1980-2007) for 44 different vehicle makes from more than 25 different manufacturers. It comes preloaded with expanded Scan (Pathfinder) and Scope (Infotech); and Repair-Trac tech tips troubleshooters; Automated System Test; Quick DTC Scan, DataStream and Bidirectional Test capability, and enhanced USA Domestic, Asian and European vehicle coverage. In addition to the extensive knowledge database mentioned above, several unique diagnostic features are included, such as a large screen touch control, super-fast SpeedScroll thumb pads for scrolling through long data lists, high-speed two-channel scope, peripheral connectivity, audio and streaming video capability and so much more.


With exclusive AirBridge technology inside, Pegisys supports WiFi connectivity to the Internet*, offering immediate access to real time Web-enabled diagnostic assets right from the tool. Secure Digital Input / Output (SDIO) 802.11b/g mini cards supply high-speed WiFi communications between the Pegisys and the intuitive Vehicle Communications Interface (VCI). Frequent Internet direct-to-Pegisys subscription updates keep the vehicle coverage current and as technology changes, AirBridge connectivity means technicians can field update Pegisys to the latest and fastest wireless communications.


Already, automotive aftermarket shops are becoming more dependent on their diagnostic systems for the conduct of daily business. Hand held hardware and software technologies must gain in performance to integrate with ever-changing applications such as multimedia capabilities for online training, tech support, repair information, and sales clinics. Pegisys is designed to meet this need. Built on the proven, scalable and extensible architecture of the Intel® Processor, the Pegisys Diagnostic Tool meets the challenge and is designed to provide more coverage and diagnostic functionality without compromising power, process integration or performance.


The Pegisys Scan Tool supports USB peripherals for keyboard, mouse, memory devices, headphone, microphone, printer, and the plug-and-play device features offer fully automated configuration and operation of VCI modules and application software. Repair information is embedded in the tool and when technicians can™t find it there, they can press a button”through WiFi if the shop is equipped”and reach global support for software updates and diagnostic information access through Direct-Hit Technician from Identifix® (subscription available Fall 2008). All available diagnostic information and code tips populate the navigation bar when DTC is selected, eliminating the need to look through complicated menus to find the information you need.


Pegisys is more than a scan tool”more than a PC-like diagnostic tool”Pegisys revolutionizes automotive repairs. It brings together everything the technician needs to quickly, accurately diagnose and repair today™s vehicles at the fender, said Lipscomb. Once connected through the Internet, Pegisys offers full access to powerful resources through OTC, such as updating and finding web-based diagnostic information without a PC.


From its super-fast SpeedScroll thumb pads, to its interactive touch-sensitive screen capabilities, the tool makes information easy to handle and navigate through and change without getting lost or backing up. SpeedScroll™s rotational control allows the user to quickly scroll through menus, long data lists and independently manipulate data, even wearing gloves. The screen itself is also a navigational method. The interactive touch screen and truly innovative GUI allow technicians to use their fingers or the stylus that™s included. Combined with Fast Touch screen control and the SpeedScroll keypad, Pegisys delivers the fastest access to information in the industry.


Made of high-strength ABS plastic and resilient rubber overmold for maximum protection on corners and edges, the shop-tough Pegisys tool is engineered inside and out to work the way technicians need it. Optional software and accessories such as the USA European Starter Kit, Heavy Duty Standard Starter Kit, and Hot Swap Battery Kit are available.


Accessible from a PC, OTC also offers a new easy-to-use Web-based eLearning program designed to get technician up to speed fast at www.PegisysOTC.com. Once online, technicians can access and explore training modules of interest, view instructor-guided PowerPoint and video information, and review the information with interactive testing and certification.


The Pegisys next-generation platform will also be the catalyst for a series of new, direct-to-end market, products and services including Internet-based repair information and diagnostic services.


For more information on the new Pegisys, please call OTC at (800) 533-6127 or visit www.PegisysOTC.com.


SPX Corporation and OTC

OTC, an SPX brand, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of vehicle electronic diagnostic instruments, automotive fuel system maintenance equipment, special service tools, general purpose tools, pullers, heavy duty tools, shop equipment and hydraulic components.  Visit www.otctools.com.


SPX Service Solutions, headquartered in Southfield, Michigan and with offices around the world, designs, manufactures and markets a fully integrated family of global brands providing special service tools, advanced diagnostic and shop equipment and technical information for vehicle servicing and maintenance.


SPX Corporation is a Fortune 500, global multi-industry manufacturing company.  Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPX employs more than 17,000 people worldwide and has operations in over 35 countries. Visit www.spx.com.


SPX and OTC are registered trademarks of SPX Corporation. Pegisys, Automated System Test, AirBridge, Pathfinder, DTC Scan, At the Fender and SpeedScroll are trademarks of SPX Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


* Requires a WiFi connection.

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