Superchips Announces New Fuel Economy Programmer

Sanford, FL (July 23, 2008)  Superchips announces new Mileage XS fuel economy programmer.


We have listened to the requests from our customers and are bringing to market what we feel is a best-in-class fuel economy programmer, states Superchips Division President Tom Bennett. The biggest difference in the Mileage XS and other products in the market are we engineered calibrations that are specific to economy and will be scientifically verifying the results. This is not a recycled solution nor a campaign based on vague testimonials.


Superchips will begin taking orders late July for the programmer with the first units expected to ship early week of August. Initial release will include:


1506 Ford late-model diesel trucks (excluding Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel vehicles)

1516 Ford late-model gasoline trucks & SUVs

2506 GM late-model diesel trucks (excluding ULSD vehicles)

2516 GM late-model gasoline trucks & SUVs

3506 Dodge late-model diesel trucks (excluding ULSD vehicles)

3516 Dodge late-model gasoline Hemi trucks


The first release will include all part numbers and comprehensive coverage with 2007 2008 GM 5.3L Trucks and 2003 2006 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke the first two calibrations to go through Superchips new validation process. Mileage XS is releasing with some new economy specific calibrations and some from previous releases that through the R&D process, Superchips documented to have the best economy gains for specific vehicles. Superchips is on a R&D and certification schedule to validate new vehicle coverage roughly every week. Next calibrations to be validated are GM Duramax and Ford Gas Truck engines.  


Early field tests indicate that customers can expect up to a 15% MPG gain depending on the vehicle and engine. Current Superchips customers will be able to download the new economy calibrations directly from Superchips. In such a tough economy we wanted to make sure we reached out to our current customers, continues Bennett. Superchips will also make available, when possible, calibrations to run lower octane gas on vehicles that require 91 octane saving customers money at the pump.


Whether you need power, performance, drivability, or improved fuel economy, Cortex, Flashpaq and Mileage XS from Superchips can provide it. Superchips offers a complete line of hand-held programmers and other performance products for most late-model domestic cars, trucks, and SUVs.

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