OTC® Introduces New Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer

Owatonna, MN”August 12, 2008”OTC, an SPX® brand, today announced yet another innovative addition to its line of battery and electrical service equipment•the Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer (P/N 3176)•designed to quickly and efficiently charge and maintain all types of serviceable 12 volt lead acid batteries widely used on cars, motorbikes, and other vehicles. A truly unique and innovative solution for prolonging battery life, the new 3176 tool is fully controlled by an internal microprocessor unit that offers reliable battery detection and automatic charge management.


OTC has developed several new features to make this battery charger and maintainer ˜Smart™ compared to the competition, said Surrender Makhija, OTC Product Manager of Battery Service . Utilizing a patented five-stage automatic 5 amp switch-mode charging system, the new 3176 tool diagnoses and rescues drained batteries, restores batteries that are slightly sulfated, and automatically switches to float mode once the battery is completely charged.


Batteries not kept at a full charge become sulfated, which is the main reason for premature battery failure. The OTC Smart Charger and Maintainer leverages its superior circuitry to automatically detect the state of charge of the battery plugged into it and delivers the correct charge to compensate, thus ensuring the battery is always optimally charged.


Automotives are often equipped with computers that require continuous battery power to maintain data in memory, and the 3176 tool is up for the challenge,Âť added Makhija. It can keep batteries at full charge on a continuous basis and charge deep discharged batteries in about 12 hours to almost 100 percent of their original capacity.Âť


During Engine Control Module (ECM) reprogramming, the Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer is essential for any repair shop. Once connected, the charger helps maintain proper battery voltage and prevents damage to the ECM. The OTC 3176 is also ideal for maintaining the charge levels of batteries in storage or that receive occasional use. This means seasonally used batteries are kept protected during the off-season and ready for their next use.


With its easy to read LED indicator lights, the Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer offers a simple way of showing the status of charging and battery conditions. It comes packed with innovative features but only takes up a minimal amount space, and is extremely light weight.


For additional information on the OTC Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer (P/N 3176), contact OTC at 1-800-533-6127 or visit the web site at: www.otctools.com.


SPX Corporation and OTC


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