Finger Wheel Hay Rakes From Tonutti

Updated Sep 16, 2010

Wheat-Belt Industries carries a line, both finger wheel hay rakes and cyclone type, from Tonutti Farm Machinery Industry. Tonutti manufactures a line of hay handling equipment that includes a tractor rakes that fit a number of circumstances. Wheat-Belt also stocks other items in this line of haying equipment including a supply of hay rake parts, as well as having hay rakes for sale.  

Three Point Hitch Finger Wheel Hay Rakes “P” Series

The Three Point Hitch Hay Rakes P Series were the first series of rakes produced by the TonuttiI Company. These rakes have two finger wheels assembled to each rake arm. All Tonutti three point hitch hay rakes P series have standard parts that are interchangeable (wheels, head, arms and tines).

In Line Pull Type Rakes “T-3GW” Series

The in line series pull type rakes 3GW standard series has been designed to work in all raking conditions including that of small quantity crops forming a consistent windrow and reducing the baler”s runs on the field. Its working width permits accuracy and high speed while maintaining the superior handling abilities of the Tonutti finger wheel rakes. The 3GW standard series pull type rake performs particularly well in short crops raking wide swaths at a higher speed.  

In Line Pull Type “T-4GW” Series

The in line series heavy duty pull type rakes 4GW have been designed to work in all raking conditions. All the ground wheels have ribbed tires for a better adherence in particular on hilly terrains. All versions are equipped with flexible frames. All finger wheels are independently spring loaded, allowing each finger wheel to follow the contours of the ground. The finger wheel tine ground pressure can be adjusted by means of the regulating screw handle.  

Carted Hay Rakes “RCS” Series

The carted hay rakes RCS series have two single rake main frames which have been coupled with a folding mechanism that allows the operator to operate the rake from the tractor. The two rake main frames, pivot and slide on the trolley frame giving the possibility of setting the rake working width at your convenience, maintaining the optimum inclination of the rake wheels with respect to the crop you are raking.  

Jumbo Pull Type Finger Wheel Hay Rakes “V-2GW” Series

The Jumbo Pull Type V Rakes 2GW Series is the small size “V” rake of the Tonutti range. This series has a narrow transport width of 8″ (250 cm). The two ground wheels are located towards the front of the frame closer to the tractor and outside the working area to avoid any obstruction to your raking operations and will never drive over the crop. The 2GW series is fitted with an adjustable clevis hitch which allows for quick and easy levelling of the rake to various tractor hitch heights. One double action hydraulic cylinder controls the opening and closing of the rake and two hydraulic cylinders controls the lifting and lowering of the rake finger wheels. 

Jumbo Pull Type “V” Rakes “4GW” Series

The Jumbo Pull Type “V” 4GW Series, is a medium size “V” rake of the Tonutti range with 4 ground wheels. This series has ball joints on the opening arm attachments and a flexible drawbar to obtain the utmost adaptability of the machine on rough and uneven terrains. This design allows for a gentle contact with the forage avoiding any soil contamination. All the rakes included in this series have an infinite number of working widths, which vary from the transport position to its maximum working widths according to the different models.  

Dominator Pull Type “V” “4GW” Series

The Dominator is a revolutionary concept. No more nuts and bolts to unscrew and to tighten, no more sliding rear frame members, no more mechanical adjustment on rear frame, no more hydraulic settings. Just a simple registration of the last two wheels will determine your windrow width. The Dominator has new hydraulic opening-closing system on parallel linkage arms for better contour following, new central sliding drawbar that shortens by (5″7″) in working position improving strength and manoeuvrability, and new windrow width adjuster mechanism to name just s few of the features. 

Millennium Pull Type “V” “4/7GW” Series

The rugged heavy-duty Millennium rake includes two revolutionary concepts: 

  • Just a simple registration of the last two rake wheels determines the windrow width
  • The last two wheels are assembled on the back of the rear frame and they can be completely folded during transport.

The Millennium also has new parallel linkage arm opening-closing hydraulic system for better contour following, new central sliding drawbar that shortens by 5″3″ in working position improving strength and manoeuvrability, new windrow width adjusting mechanism (an optional electronic kit for easy operation from tractor seat is available), and new optional center splitter wheels, and new modular lifting pipes system for smoother sliding.

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