Preco Back-up Alarms

The NEW 3000 Series Alarm from Preco brings reliability and accuracy to a compact form for the first time. The 3000 Series alarm exceeds industry standards and provides you with an accurate back-up alarm that produces an audible warning that is superior to the +/- 4 dB of competitors and SAE requirements.

Reliability is increased through the Preco sound chamber design which reduces speaker movement, and protects the speaker from environmental damage. And all of this is provided in a small package for easy application across many different vehicle platforms, so you can have ONE alarm for your entire fleet.

  The 3000 Series alarms are switchable to operate at 97 & 107 decibels via a jumper or wiring connections.
3002 97, 107 dB Wire Leads 12-36 Volts DC SAE Type B,C
3003 97, 107 dB Terminal Studs 12-36 Volts DC SAE Type B,C

Preco offers a complete line of alarms with various sound levels and operating voltages to meet your alarm requirements on a broad range of equipment and work environment noise levels.  The BAC-A-LARM selected should have a sound level that is audible above the surrounding noise.
Preco Alarm Features:

  • 24-month warranty
  • M
  • eets O.S.H.A., Bureau of Mines and state regulations
  • Decibel ratings are +/-4dB (AS) @ 4″ as specified in SAE J994 Oct 03
  • Solid state electronics sealed in urethane
  • Steam cleanable
  • Voltage spike protected
  • Temperature range of -40F to +185F (-40C to +85C)
  • Each alarm is tested before shipment to ensure the current draw and decibel rating are within exacting specifications.




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