HEAVY DUTY Voyager® Observation Systems Built For Increased Visibility and Safety in Ag/Construction Applications

ELKHART, IN.  (May 16, 2008)-  ASA Electronics, an international manufacturer of heavy duty mobile audio/video equipment, is proud to introduce the newest line of Voyager® Heavy Duty Observation Systems to the Agriculture and Construction industries.  The exclusive Voyager® Observation Systems are heavy duty camera/monitor systems designed to eliminate blind spots, enhance visibility, and increase efficiencies and safety while out on the job or road. 

Due to the size of vehicles and equipment typically used in agriculture and construction environments, there are many dangerous blind spots that surround each application.  To aid in eliminating these visibility limitations, Voyager® Observation Systems effectively assist drivers with daily maneuvers such as backing up, turning, and positioning.  Since each Ag or Construction vehicle is unique, ASA Electronics/Voyager® offers a multitude of camera and monitor options that can be used to build a specific system to fit any application requirement.  Voyager® offers 5Âť (AOM562HD) and 7Âť heavy duty LCD monitors, including a 7Âť waterproof version (AOM713WP), as well as many heavy duty cameras depending on the application needs. 

Voyager® LCD monitors come with 2, 3, or 4 camera inputs.  The 4-camera 7Âť monitor (AOM7694HD) has specifically designed software which allows for SPLIT-SCREEN, TRI-SCREEN (picture in picture), and QUAD-SCREEN views.  Drivers or operators then have the advantage of monitoring several different views of the vehicle™s surroundings simultaneously.

All monitors are activated by DC triggers such as 12V impulses-including the left/right blinkers and the reverse gear.  They also feature added circuit protection, backlit controls, integrated audio speaker, and front controls.Voyager® also offers numerous heavy duty observation cameras, including block-styleÂť, side body, and cylinder camera styles that provide valuable rear, side, front, and inner equipment viewing (engine box, sieve).

Voyager® is also proud to offer the newly-introduced Super CMOS Side Vision Cameras that utilize CMOS technology.  CMOS technology has enabled ASA to significantly reduce the size of the side vision cameras.  The Super CMOS cameras also deliver enhanced image quality in high bright (daytime) and low light (nighttime) environments.

All Voyager® products are specifically built to withstand the conditions commonly encountered in Heavy Duty Ag and Construction environments such as moisture, humidity, temperature fluctuations, vibrations, and voltage spikes.  All Voyager® heavy duty LCD monitors and cameras are now currently available to the market.  Contact ASA Electronics at www.asaelectronics.com or your respective Ag/Construction OEM or dealer channel for more information.

ASA Electronics, “The Mobile Electronics Company,” has been an international manufacturer and supplier of mobile electronics to the Heavy Duty, Commercial Vehicle, RV, Marine, Van, Bus, and Limousine industries.  ASA™s proprietary line of products includes:


  • JENSEN® LCD Televisions, Stereos, DVD players, Speakers, and Accessories

  • JENSEN® Marine Waterproof/Water Resistant Stereos, Speakers, and Accessories

  • JENSEN® Heavy Duty Stereos, Speakers, and Accessories Voyager®  Rear and Side Observation Systems

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