Track-Vision-The backup camera specially designed for heavy equipment.

RMT Equipment is launching www.Track-Vision.coma Web site promoting Track-Vision, its new North American line of safety backup cameras.


Blind spots to the front or rear of heavy equipment pose big hazards. Accidents while maneuvering can represent big and unexpected costs to a business. A camera system can dramatically reduce such outlays. 


Take the case of a wheel loader backing up in a quarry or around a crushing plant. Many operators complain that visibility is poor, even with their rearview mirrors. 


In the quarry, Track-Vision can save thousands of dollars in new tires by helping mining trucks or loaders back up in blast zones.


Concrete truck mixers that often back up in rural areas can also present a risk to nearby residents and workers. Track-Vision lets the operator see better and helps protect you more effectively against injuries that could result in serious injury or death.


Back-up Cameras are also used for other applications such as precision work. One example is an excavator operator using a camera on the dipper stick to view a digging area when visibility is low.

Also, Track-Vision provides a better view of the structure to be torn down in demolition applications involving an excavator and a concrete pulverizer.


Designed to Last

A standard installation includes one heavy-duty camera mounted on the back of the vehicle and a 7™™ color flat screen LCD installed in the cab. Additional cameras can also be added to increase visibility around the vehicle. Track-Vision is the new generation of on-board safety camera for heavy equipment. Each component has been tested to endure the most severe vibration, dust and temperature fluctuations over years of usage. The camera is also highly accurate in extreme low-light conditions. In fact, it sees better in the dark than a human eye! The Track-Vision system is also covered by one of the best warranties in the business.


Special camera features:

          115° wide-angle viewing

          Heated lens surface to prevent condensation or frost

          Nitrogen-filled, 100% watertight


Special monitor features:

          Monitor brightness automatically adjusts to brightness levels

          Aluminum casing with integrated sun cover

          Shockproof and vibration-resistant


All adjustments may be made directly from the easily installed monitor. The camera can be set to turn on automatically when backing up and then shut off when the operator shifts into drive. The camera can be left on at all times if necessary.


To learn more about how Track-Vision can help you perform safety and precision applications, visit  or contact RMT at 1-800-648-8132. Prevent accidents and perform precision operations with Track-Vision.

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